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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.

2018 Programming

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Updates on 2018 Programming:

Updates on some descriptions and deadlines:

Ongoing Mentoring:

We will accept registrations for Ongoing Mentoring only through November 30, 2017. You can register here.

Who wouldn't want to work with this man?

Who wouldn't want to work with this man?

If you are interested but not yet ready, don't worry. We will reopen the process Spring 2018.

We pair alumni with a particular mentor to work on a specific project or process over a defined period of time.

Each individual mentorship is unique (what will be covered, over how many sessions, over what amount of time), but the basic contour is no more than six one-on-one sessions over the course of no more than one year. The sessions can be in person, by email, by skype, etc., depending on the pairing. We will facilitate the pairing, help define the structure and monitor as needed.

The cost of the Ongoing Mentoring Program is $795 for up to one year of collaboration with a mentor. 

Berlinale / EFM Market Experience: 

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We will close this registration process for EFM no later than November 22 (and possibly sooner).

Included in the fee you may bring one other team member (a screenwriter, filmmaker, or creative producer). In other words, if you are the screenwriter you may bring your director or creative producer without paying an additional fee to the labs (only one other person).

As part of this program, we will

  • offer preparatory notes to alumni looking to work these markets,

  • a 1/2 day seminar as the markets begin, and then

  • be available for several days to support your work at the markets.

The goal is to help participants experience a major market, learn the value of being at a market and how to present projects, get meetings and advance their work.

The fee to participate is $1,000 and is limited to 5 projects at each market.  This fee does not cover direct costs (EFM/Berlinale Badge, lodging, transport, food, etc.)Please reach out with questions or register here.

Fiscal Agency:

We have two projects in an active stage right now and are reviewing others. We are thrilled to be able to offer this service. At this point it will take 10- to 14-business days to review a project for inclusion in the program.

As fiscal agent, Stowe Story Labs would take on the responsibility of receiving and administering charitable contributions on behalf of the alumni project (minimum raise is $5,000). Stowe Story Labs will charge 7% of funds raised for projects under $100,000, and 5% on projects of $100,000 or more.

Each project submitted for fiscal agency will be subject to Stowe Story Labs Board review and we will enter into a sponsorship agreement.

Writers' Retreats in 2018:

We plan to offer three Writers' Retreats in 2018:

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  • May 18 – 22 in Stowe

  • June 8 – 12 in Stowe

  • November 9 - 13 in Palm Springs, California


Each writers' retreat is limited to approximately twenty participants. Over the five-day retreat, each participant receives three, one-on-one script note meetings with top industry mentors; additional workshop content and 'in-conversation' interviews with mentors; peer-to-peer structured time; and, most importantly, time to write, reflect, and develop your work.

At this point it looks like the June Retreat will focus on TV. All content welcome at all three retreats, but if you are bringing a TV Pilot and Bible June might be best for you.

These are filling up. Please register as soon as possible.

Each Stowe Retreat will cost $2,500, exclusive of lodging. 

We will have Palm Springs pricing early in 2018.

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Remember, this is only a listing of programs with changes.

You can register for all 2018 programs here.

Reach out anytime with questions. 

Remember we reserve the right to close a program once it is full, so do not put off registering. Regardless of whether a program is full or not, we will close the alumni registration process for all programs by January 31, 2018 (when the open application season begins).