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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.



by Kris Holodak

Isn't being a writer great? We get to create characters and stories, and we can do anything we want because it all lives in a tidy little cinema in our minds. It's comfortable there; the story is perfect there. But no one else gets to enjoy it.

I have a story, Enid's Wall, that is perfect in my mind. But that's not enough anymore. I want to share it. I need to share it. I need to make it.

It is scary, standing at the precipice ready to leap off with only a parachute I stitched together myself. But here is what I know: if I wait for someone else to invite me into the club, to buy my script, to make my film, then I will wait a long, long time. And if I do find a way to float to the top of the million other scripts in the pool, in the end the story would likely turn out not to be my film anymore.

So I set about finding the people who could help me stitch the best parachute - my mentors and peer groups at Stowe Story Labs, my two local writers' groups, my colleagues at my university. I made my story as strong as it could be and I have jumped off the cliff.

I am making the film now. We are in development. We have built the budget, successfully applied to Stowe Story Labs for fiscal sponsorship, and are crowdfunding at Seed&Spark. (You can see the trailer to the film and donate here.)

As a mentor said recently, I am building a rocket ship and flying to the moon. It is going to be an amazing adventure and everyone is welcome to come along for the ride.

Kris behind Camera.jpg

Writer/Director Kristin Holodak has been drawn to image making ever since she was a child and begged her dad to let her hold the family camera while on vacation, sneaking a picture after being explicitly told not to touch any of the buttons. Currently, she is a professor of digital media at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Prior to that, she spent fifteen years creating productions for clients such as the Smithsonian Institution and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, while at the same time, creating her own art in the form of short films. She has written and directed 8 films, and worked in various capacities on several others — winning jury prizes and audience awards at festivals around the country. She holds an MFA in film production. This will be her first feature film.