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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.

Fall Lab Agenda

Fall Labs - Goals and Template Agenda

The fall labs offer a emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers a chance to build critical skills and content in a structured and supportive environment.

The goal of the labs is to help emerging talent develop the skills, relationships and tools to get work made and seen.

Over four intensive days Stowe Story Labs provides:

  • Presentations and focused, iterative small-group discussions about story theme, structure and genre
  • Daily small group meetings with industry mentors to develop your stories and the skills to promote them
  • Facilitated peer-to-peer feedback sessions on each others work
  • 'In Conversation' Interview and Q&A time with industry leaders taking participants through story development, financing, pre-production, production and sales of film projects
  • Skills workshops focused on pitching, loglines and synopses
  • Insights into the critical skills of building and working with a team
  • Shared meal times, evening drinks and outdoor activities in the Stowe area, giving an opportunity for broader conversations between peers and mentors

Here is a typical agenda:

Day 1:
- Introductions and icebreaking
- Workshop -- pitching
- Story Development
- Group Table Meetings: Theme and Character

Working lunch and dinner and evening 'In Conversation' Interview with Industry Mentor

Day 2:
- Small Group Sessions: Pitching
- Story Structure
- Casting
- Workshop -- logline and synopsis

Pitching at lunch, working dinner and evening 'In Conversation' Interview with Industry Mentor

Day 3:
- Presentation and discussion on production process
- Presentation and discussion on traditional and innovative Finance, Sales and Distribution Systems
- Facilitated Peer-to-Peer story notes

Working lunch, farewell dinner and drinks, screening and mentor Q&A

Day 4:
- Small group story discussions
- Navigating competitions, festivals and markets
- Polishing pitches, loglines and synopes
- Sad and long farewells

Optional "it's over but we don't want to go" dinner

Application to the fall Story Labs is open and you can apply here.

Our vision is to support the collaborative process of writers, filmmaking and creative producers as they work to create wonderful films. 

Through the retreat and labs we hope to build a powerful tool both to compel projects forward and into production and to build a strong community of story tellers who work together, support and nurture each other, and get great works made and seen.

Fall 2014 Narrative Lab participants and mentors

Fall 2014 Narrative Lab participants and mentors

Thank you to all of our partners

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