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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Stowe Story Labs Fellowships

Our vision is to support as many participants through fellowships and partial scholarships as possible. We nurture the partnerships listed below to support talented writers, filmmakers, and creative producers attending the Labs. All fellowships cover the fee to attend the fall Story Lab, some include a travel stipend, and include as well:

  • a 30-minute consultation with entertainment attorney Stacey Davis (a Stowe Story Labs Alum, Fellowship Sponsor and Board Member)

  • StoryBoard Quick software from Power Production ($130 value)

  • a free copy of the newest version of Final Draft (a $250 value)

  • a free 9-Month ISAConnect Membership

There is no separate fellowship application. On our application, we ask you to say whether you are interested in a fellowship, and if so which fellowships you think best suit you and your work. Specific fellowships may offer other benefits. The criteria for each fellowship differs, so please review carefully.


Champlain College Division of Communication and Creative Media — Open to Champlain College film students. Champlain College's outstanding film program integrates academic excellence with the development of strong professional skills, emphasizing innovation, creativity, technological expertise, critical reflection, and professionalism.  One Champlain Fellowship is awarded each year. The fellowship covers fees, meals and lodging at the Fall Labs.

The WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Fellowship is open to all applicants to the Fall Narrative Lab and will be awarded to a talented, underrepresented voice for Hollywood. We want to read diverse perspectives from writers of color, women writers, writers with disabilities, writers over 40, writers in the LGBTQ+ community, and any other voices that have historically been ignored by Hollywood. The Fellowship will include tuition for the labs and a $500 travel stipend for the chosen recipient. WeScreenplay's Diverse Voices Lab is excited to continue its mission of supporting writers with this Stowe Story Lab Fellowship.

The Final Draft Fellowship is open to any top emerging screenwriter or screenwriter/filmmaker presenting a meaningful, character-driven story containing notes of uplift and hope and demonstrating the applicant’s ability to collaborate to see the script developed into a motion picture or TV show.

The ISA Fellowship will be awarded to an outstanding screenwriter, filmmaker or creative producer who is a member of the ISA (and it is free to join), presents a meaningful character-driven story, and who demonstrates the talent and skill to thrive in the collaborative art of film and TV. The ISA Fellowship recipient will be awarded a free evaluation for the ISA Development Slate in addition to the other prizes mentioned. 


The Fellowship is open to screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers based in New England. The premier online resource and magazine for film and video production in New England, partners with Stowe Story Labs to provide a fellowship to the Fall Labs to a emerging New England-based screenwriter, filmmaker and/or creative producer showing tremendous promise and talent. 

The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards fellowships  are open to current year PAGE Quarterfinalists. Widely recognized as one of the most important resources for emerging screenwriters, the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards was founded in 2003 by an alliance of Hollywood producers, agents, and development executives to discover the most exciting new scripts by up-and-coming writers from around the world.  Two PAGE Fellowships will be awarded annually to PAGE Quarter-finalists who apply to the Labs. 

The SAGindie Fellowship will be awarded to a top emerging filmmaker of color. The SAGindie Fellowship covers fees to attend the fall lab and makes a contribution toward travel and lodging expenses to attend the Lab. As a free resource, SAGindie offers filmmakers clarity and kinship by guiding them through the SAG-AFTRA signatory process, making it even easier to hire professional actors, regardless of budget. SAGindie is made possible by a grant from the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Industry Advancement & Cooperative Fund.

The Tangerine Entertainment fellowship is open to women screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers. Tangerine is a production company founded to support women in film and partners with Stowe Story Labs on the Fellowship, awarded annually to an outstanding female screenwriter, filmmaker or creative producer. 

The University of Vermont fellowship is open to a University of Vermont Film and Television Program student presenting a compelling story idea and demonstrating talent, skill, and a deep desire to learn to master the craft of screenwriting and filmmaking. The fellowship covers fees to attend the 4-day Stowe Story Lab as well as lodging and meals during the time in Stowe. 

The Women in Film & Video, D.C. Fellowship will be awarded to a top emerging screenwriter, filmmaker or creative producer who is a member of the WIFV and submits a compelling story and demonstrable ability to learn and collaborate to make great work.

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