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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.

Founder's Statement

Stowe Story Labs is a non-profit effort to bring screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers together with seasoned, working industry professionals to get work made and seen.

Founder's note:

I came up with the idea for the Labs after spending tremendous amounts of time, money and energy traveling the major festivals and markets and participating in programs to learn how best to advance my own work and vision of building a life making films. I met David Pope at Cannes, where I had my first short at the Cannes Short Film Corner. Not to reduce the value of Cannes, but the biggest value for me to having a film at Cannes was free coffee at the Short Film Corner, to be around other aspirational filmmakers and access to free workshops. That is how it came to be I sat in on a workshop facilitated by David Pope.

David’s workshop was on pitching. I admit I joined because it was free and just next to the coffee bar, but I am so glad I went. David has a respectful, thoughtful way about him. He listens carefully and meaningfully to each person, gives concrete advice, and helps make talent meaningful by teaching critical skills.

After the workshop David and I shared a cup of coffee and went our separate ways.  By coincidence, the following January we met again.

I was in Rotterdam participated in the Rotterdam Film Festival’s CineMart, David was in Rotterdam facilitating CineMart’s prestigious Producers Lab, which he does each year. I pitched the idea of the Labs to David and he signed on immediately. We have been having fun ever since.

David loves the idea of taking his facilitation, mentoring, training and filmmaking skills to the Green Mountains of Vermont.  I love the idea of people gathering and learning while visiting our little valley in the mountains. And maybe one or two of our participants will decide to stay, make a life or at least shoot a film or two. Stowe as anchor and all of Northern Vermont as campus.

Chris Millis, Ellen Parks and David Pope after the 1st Annual SSL; All smiles after a session at the gorgeous Helen Day Art Center

Chris Millis, Ellen Parks and David Pope after the 1st Annual SSL; All smiles after a session at the gorgeous Helen Day Art Center

It is hard to make films. I took the photo to the left of my star, Park Crist, while shooting my first short, The Brothers. This is the four minute, fifty-two second film I ended up taking to Cannes and then the wonderful short film festival in Capalbio, Italy

I had no idea what to do with when the film when I was done. But I learned. And it went to Cannes, where I met David, and where my little film about two boys on an adventure was invited to Capalbio, which I’d never heard of before, and the film did well there, and in Capalbio I met more great people who became friends, people to work with, commiserate with, collaborate with and make movies.

Stowe Story Labs is designed to foster just that: community, collaboration, learning, perfecting, doing.

It is important in this business to talk about your work, learn as much as you can, meet people, collaborate on projects, enjoy the world of film.

I hope we are creating tools and skills and collaborators so you can make your movies. Along the way, I hope we help make the journey a bit less lonely, a bit more defined, maybe a step or two lighter, and through these efforts bend the world a bit through story.

David Rocchio
Founder and President, Stowe Story Labs

The vision for Story Labs:

  • Focus on your work

  • Small group workshops with top industry mentors

  • Help impart some skills to navigate the complex world of getting films made and seen

  • ongoing mentoring

  • An intensive but supportive environment

  • Build a network of friends, colleagues and collaborators

  • Help participants build fully formed project packages

  • Maybe change the world of film a bit through discovery of new approaches to producing, financing, distributing quality works

  • Grow over time into one of the key stops on the way to making narrative stories to bend the world a little bit

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