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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.



David Rocchio

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Premiere Vermont-based institute for emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers to be a creative resource for the Southwest’s leading motion picture fund

 HOUSTON, TX and STOWE, VT (September 2018) – Stowe Story Labs and Sam Houston Southwest Film Investment Fund have agreed to a first-look deal covering potential financing and development of original screenplays and teleplays written and developed by participants of the Stowe Story Labs’ annual Fall Narrative Lab and Writers’ Retreats. 

Participants from Australia, US, Czech Republic, and Scotland smile for camera at 2018 Lab.

Participants from Australia, US, Czech Republic, and Scotland smile for camera at 2018 Lab.

The pact was made between David Rocchio, Stowe Story Labs Founder and President, and Steven Jon Whritner, Sam Houston’s Executive Vice President, Production and Development, during this year’s Fall Narrative Lab, held over four days from September 8-11, at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont. The new partnership provides Sam Houston a right of first refusal on select scripts curated by Stowe Story Labs and fitting Sam Houston’s exacting submission requirements.

Now in its sixth year of operation, Stowe Story Labs is a non-profit that brings emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers from around the world together with seasoned, working industry professionals to help get work made and seen. The Lab pairs attendees with top industry mentors, such as Academy Award® nominated creative producer Amy Hobby and Academy Award® nominated screenwriter David Magee. The Labs’ industry partners include SAGIndie, Seed&Spark, the Page International Screenwriting Awards, Tangerine Entertainment, and Final Draft.

“We are excited to partner with Sam Houston,” said Rocchio. “We help nurture some of the world’s best talents,” he said, “and by now working with Sam Houston we have another powerful tool to help these artists bring their visions to life.”

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“The Labs are the film industry’s best-kept secret, but not for long,” said Whritner. “Participants are drawn to Stowe both for its inspirational, scenic beauty and the meaningful program put together by the Labs. Participants come away with the tools to enhance their work and jumpstart their careers. There’s simply no better creative incubator than Stowe Story Labs,” he said.

Sam Houston Southwest Film Investment Fund is chartered to promote filmmaking in the Southwest region of the United States, while fostering creative talent and bringing quality entertainment to a global audience. Through strategic alliances with leading production entities such as Cross Creek Pictures and Lynmar Entertainment, Sam Houston provides financing for every phase of content creation, from development through production and distribution.

David Pope, David Rocchio and Steven Jon Whritner at Fall ‘18 Lab

David Pope, David Rocchio and Steven Jon Whritner at Fall ‘18 Lab

For more information regarding the Sam Houston Southwest Film Investment Fund, please contact Steven Jon Whritner at (646) 335-2643 or go to For information regarding Stowe Story Labs, contact David Rocchio at (802) 279-1258 or visit

Stowe Story Labs Announces Full Roster for 2018 Stowe Story Lab

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the full roster for its 2018 Fall Lab, to be held at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont, September 8 - September 11, 2018.

Congratulations writers, filmmakers, and creative producers participating in this year's lab.

Thank you mentors for donating your time, skill, knowledge and ideas.


Peter Andrews, Mahopac, NY. Feature Film, FRAGILE

Jodi Asadourian, Nashville, TN. Feature Film, CUT THE CORD

Julie Berkobien, South Pasadena, CA. 1 hour TV Pilot, BLYTHE PARK

Michael Berlind (2018 Final Draft Fellow), Brooklyn, NY. 1 hour TV Pilot, COASTAL SHELF

Marya Cohn (2018 Tangerine Fellow), New York, NY. Feature Film, SUNNY DAY FLOODING

Andi Delott (2018 PAGE Fellow), Pacific Palisades, CA. Feature Film, FAITH

Brittany DeVries, Panama City, Panama. Feature Film, PENDING FILE

Neal Dhand, Zizkov, Czech Republic. Feature Film, ZIPPERS

Joel Fishman, Kennett Square, PA. Feature Film, GOOD CITIZEN

Freeman Fletcher (2018 Champlain College Fellow), South Berwick, ME. Feature Film,  STUNTED

Rachel Gerlach, South River, NJ. Feature Film, DAISY CHAIN

TeeJay Hannon (2018 Champlain College Fellow), Mahwah, NJ. Feature Film, BEYOND

Jamie Hoang, Los Angeles, CA. Feature Film, BETTER THAN THIS

Kristin Holodak, Milwaukee, WI. Feature Film, ENID'S WALL

Alastair Huntley (2018 Vermonter Fellow), Norwich, VT. Feature Film, HALF SHELL

Diane Lansing (2018 ISA Fellow), Santa Monica, CA. Feature Film, WONDER AND LIGHTNING

Jennifer Latham (2018 Vermonter Honorable Mention), Brattleboro, VT. Feature Film, THE HOMEMAKER

Tricia Lee, Valley Village, CA. Feature Film, SPOKEN

Maren Leggett, Bethesda, MD. Feature Film, SHRINKWRAPPED

Christian Lybrook, Boise, ID. Feature Film, CITY OF TREES

Leanne Mangan, Newtown, NSW, Australia. 1 hr TV Pilot, REMADE

Ben Maraniss, Brooklyn, NY. 1 hr TV Pilot, WEIMAR

Gerardo Maravilla, Los Angeles, CA. Feature Film, CROSS

E.Napoletano, Chicago, IL. 1 hr TV Pilot, ATLANTA BURNS

Ashleigh Nichols, North Hollywood, CA. Feature Film, STICKS AND STONES

Angel Nunez (2018 Honorable Mention), Randolph, MA. Feature Film, AMERIQUENO

Ray O’Conor, Wilton, NY. Feature Film, SHE CALLED HIM RAYMOND

Portia Pennington, Bowling Green, KY. Feature Film, WRITTEN BY ELODIA JANE WILDER

Jerry Perez, Providence, RI. Feature Film, THE POCKETKNIFE

Jim Picariello, Brooksville, ME. Feature Film, THE CULT OF US

Katterina Powers, Scottsdale, AZ. Feature Film, A BETTER PLACE

Fred Reed, Oakland, CA. Feature Film, EMMA LOU'S BLUES

Anna Remus, Dorchester, MA. Feature Film, WHITE PARTY

Lea Robinson (2018 Seed&Spark Fellow), Richmond, CA. Feature Film, DARK SKY

Matthew Rosansky, Philadelphia, PA. 1 hr TV Pilot, THE RIVER

Esra Saydam (2018 SAGindie Fellow), Brooklyn, NY. Feature Film, THE MESOPOTAMIAN

Matthew Schildkamp (2018 UVM Fellow), Middlebury, VT. Feature Film, AERO LUNA

Janet Stilson, New York, NY. Feature Film, JAGUAR TRAIL

Roma Sur, Highlands Ranch, CO. Feature Film, THE ROCK WITHIN

Amy Tasillo, Washington, DC. Feature Film, PLAYHOUSE

Jake Taylor (2018 PAGE Fellow), Mesa, AZ. 1hr TV Pilot, WICCA PUNK

Terri Codori Viani, Pomfret, CT. Feature Film, DIRTY WATER DOGS

Heidi Weitzer, Los Angeles, CA. Feature Film, THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS

Wade Wofford (2018 Fellow), Northampton, MA. Feature Film, URBAN ED

Tatiana R. Zaharchenko, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Feature Film, TO TELL THE TRUTH

Sarah Zeiser, (2018 Honorable Mention), Somerville, MA. 1 hr TV Pilot, AQUITAINE


Eszter Angyalosy, Hungary. Development Editor at HBO Europe/Writer

Emily Best, California. CEO of Seed & Spark/Writer/Director/Producer

Alex Boden, London. Creative Producer 

Scott Collette, California. Screenwriter/Film Sales and Distribution

Darrien Michele Gipson, California. National Director of SAGindie/Creative Producer

Anne Hubbell, New York. Creative Producer

Paul Miller, Amsterdam. Creative Producer

Ellen Parks, New York. Casting Director/Faculty NYU Tisch Film School

David Pope, London. Writer/Director/Producer

David Rocchio, Vermont. Writer/Director/Producer

Thank you to our Fellowship Partners

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Stowe Story Labs Announces Fellowship and Honorable Mentions

David Rocchio

2018 Fellow

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the recipient of the 2018 Fellowship is Wade Wofford (Drama, URBAN ED). Honorable mentions are made for Angel Nunez (Drama, AMERIQUEÑO) and Sarah Zeiser (TV Drama, AQUITAINE). All three hail from Massachusetts.

Wofford's URBAN ED follows five students of a small charter school in the inner city as the school closes in the middle of the school year.

wade wofford.png

Wade Wofford, an Atlanta native, now writes out of Northampton, MA. A graduate of LA Film School, the University of Georgia's Drama Department, and the Meisner School of Acting, he has worked on independent and full-budget TV and film productions in Massachusetts, New York, and Los Angeles.

In 2006, Wade started his first production company - Dedalus Films - and in 2011, his second – Happy Wasteland Studios – with two partners. He has since self-financed and produced two feature films while working a full-time job as a teacher. His first feature as a writer/director/producer, PERCEPTION, was shot for $20k, and won the Royal Reel Award in Filmmaking and Best Drama at Hollywood's DIYFilmFest. His second film, THE ANSWER, was shot on location in central Vermont and won the Rising Star Award at Canada International Film Festival. Most recently, he was Director of Photography on HEROES DON'T COME HOME, and won Best-SciFi Screenplay at Nashville Film Festival for “The Southerland School."

Honorable Mentions

Angel N Headshot.JPG

Angel Nunez’s script Ameriqueño follows a Puerto Rican family as it struggles after a devastating loss to build a new life in 1960s New York City.

Angel Nunez is a playwright, screenwriter and filmmaker from the Boston area. His diverse cultural background informs his work. Angel earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University in 2010. Angel serves as I'm a Broadcast/Webcast Producer for the Massachusetts House of Representatives. His website is here.

Sarah Zeiser’s script AQUITAINE is about famed twelfth-century French queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, who fights for her place in a marriage and kingdoms that seek to control her, yet she forges her own path to eventually control them.

Sarah Zeiser_headshot.jpg

Dr. Sarah Zeiser has a BA in Medieval Studies from Smith College and an AM and PhD in Celtic Languages & Literatures and Medieval Studies from Harvard University, where she is currently an Associate of the Department of Celtic. She works as a Project Manager and Special Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Humanities at Harvard.

Sarah has been writing creatively since childhood, and was drawn to screenwriting as a medium through which to envision the lives and events of the medieval period. She has had a working draft of AQUITAINE on a burner since she was 16 (a feature-length version of the story was a Semi-Finalist in the 2007 PAGE Awards). In addition to that passion project, she has written several contemporary short stories and a feature-length script. Her stories - whether medieval or modern - are dramas focused on complex relationships between imperfect persons who struggle with expectation, responsibility, and the realities of disappointment.


This is the fifth year Stowe Story Labs and have partnered to offer a fellowship to the Lab, and this year’s applicants showed tremendous talent and presented great stories.

"Collaborating with Stowe Story Labs is a wonderful way to support New England writers, directors and producers. The Labs continue to become more competitive, and we are excited to offer Wade this year's fellowship for his project URBAN ED, which offers a thought-provoking look at education in America,” said Michele Meek, Founder and Publisher of

“I am so pleased to recognize these three writers,” said David Rocchio, President and Founder of the Labs. “It was a very, very difficult process. We were presented with so much tremendous work. We feel these three projects represent some of the breadth of what is being created in New England. From what we are seeing, our region is a hot-bed of fantastic work, and partnering with to find these writers is a wonderful partnership. Thank you, Michele!”

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card:  April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner . Card designed by alumni  Jen West .

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card: April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner. Card designed by alumni Jen West.

ISA Fellowship Awarded to Diane Lansing

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the 2018 International Screenwriters’ Association Fellow is Diane Lansing of Santa Monica, CA (Drama/Feature, WONDER AND LIGHTNING).

The film is about Wonder, a scarred surfer kid from Santa Cruz, who, with her equally tough mutt, runs away from her abusive foster “Dad.” The two follow the waves to pristine, uptight, Malibu where acceptance is a challenge, until a quirky family of friends forms in spite of Wonder’s edgy defenses. 

After years as a dancer and actor, Diane Lansing's natural creative progression was telling stories through plays and screenplays. Her first short film Out Of Her Element was developed from her short play, and was shown in two film festivals. Diane began working with Women In Film as a director and writer for their PSA program, culminating in the win of an Aurora Award. Recently, the 48 hour Film Project Diane wrote was screened at The Directors Guild. Diane is part of the ISA community and loves sharing ideas through that platform. 



“We are pleased to award this fellowship to Diane Lansing," said Felicity Wren, Director of Development at ISA. “Wonder & Lightning is refreshing, cheeky and full of heart, and we are confident it and Diane will benefit from being at this fall’s Lab,” she said. 


“We are thrilled to see Diane receive the fellowship to this year’s lab,” said David Rocchio. “Diane’s work is tough, driven by strong characters, and touches on important themes we can all identify with. She has applied before, and it is nice to see WONDER AND LIGHTNING come through. We can’t wait to work with her at the Lab,” he said.

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card:  April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner . Card designed by alumni  Jen West .

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card: April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner. Card designed by alumni Jen West.

Tangerine Entertainment Fellowship Awarded

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the Tangerine Entertainment Fellow to this year’s Stowe Story Lab:

Marya Cohn, NYC (Drama, SUNNY DAY FLOODING) and honorable mention is made for Imelda O’Reilly, NYC (Drama, WE’RE THE KIDS IN AMERICA).

SUNNY DAY FLOODING focuses on oil refinery worker Luce Guidry. As hurricane Miranda bears down on Louisiana, Guidry is torn between her job and her thirteen year-old daughter, Ava, who fears she and her town are slowly drowning.


Marya Cohn is a writer /director and filmmaking professor. She wrote and directed the feature film, THE GIRL IN THE BOOK, starring Emily Van Camp and Michael Nyqvist, which premiered at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival, was released by Myriad Pictures and Freestyle Releasing in December 2015, and is currently available on Netflix, ITunes, and Amazon.  Her short film, DEVELOPING, starring Natalie Portman and Frances Conroy, screened at Sundance, won grand prizes at the Belgian Festival Mondial du Cinéma de Court Métrage and the St. Petersburg Message to Man Film Festival, and aired on The Sundance Channel and Channel 13’s Reel NY. Marya teaches screenwriting at Montclair State University and is a filmmaking professor for Vermont College of Fine Arts’ non-resident MFA program in film. She received her MFA from NYU’s Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film and Television and her BA from Harvard University

Imelda’s script, WE’RE THE KIDS IN AMERICA is an epic, tryptic drama about three generations of Irish fathers and sons and Ireland in the 1950’s and 1980’s and New York City in 2016.

Imelda O’Reilly is an Irish award-winning filmmaker who received her MFA from Columbia University’s graduate film program. Her films screened worldwide including, Rhode Island International Film Festival, International Film Festival de Creteil, Cyprus International Film Festival among others. Her feature screenplay BENEATH THE BOY'S CRY won the “Best Of” the Festival at the BEA, it was also a semi-finalist for the Sundance screenwriting lab. Her film EGGS AND SOLDIERS screened at 47 festivals winning awards at Accolade Global Film Festival, a Tonino Guerra Award for Screenwriting and a Remi-Award at the World-Houston Festival. Imelda's film BRICKS, BEDS AND SHEEP'S HEADS was a regional finalist for the Student Academy Awards. WE'RE THE KIDS IN AMERICA is an official selection for L'Atélier that is part of the Cannes Film Festival 2018.

tangerine header.png

 “We loved reading all the scripts in the selection process,” said Anne Hubbell, founding partner with Tangerine Entertainment and Stowe Story Labs mentor. “Marya’s script takes on big issues and themes in a setting both intimate and cinematic, and anchors her story with fresh, complex female characters. We’re excited to help her develop the project with this fellowship,” she said. “We are also pleased to honor Imelda's work, Her examination of fathers and sons using a female lens is compelling to us. We wish both writers great success with their projects.”

“This is our fourth year partnering with Tangerine to offer this fellowship,” said David Rocchio, President and Founder of the Lab. “We love the energy they bring to mentoring with us and the selection of the annual fellow to the Lab. We look forward to working with Marya and Imelda to help bring these outstanding stories to life,” he said.

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card:  April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner . Card designed by alumni  Jen West .

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card: April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner. Card designed by alumni Jen West.

Stowe Story Labs Pleased to Announce 1st Final Draft Fellowship

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Final Draft Fellowship to the Labs is Michael Berlind, Brooklyn, NY (Drama/TV, COASTAL SHELF) with Honorable Mention to Ted Campbell, Los Angeles, CA (Crime Thriller/Feature, UNDERGROUND).

COASTAL SHELF follows teenage Sophia and her little sister Miranda as they cope with their daily existence in the grips of their controlling, narcissistic parents. The well-respected couple seek to preserve their power and status, while Sophia, still living with the memory of a traumatic event from years earlier, forms a rapport with Claire, an abused child from the other side of the tracks.


Michael Berlind grew up in France as a film buff with a love of classic cinema and storytelling. By the time he finished attending film school in Boston, he realized that his main interest lay in the writing process and creating compelling, human characters. He is especially drawn to the television format as he believes it is the best medium for long-form theme and character development. Over the last several years he has focused on writing several one-hour pilots, which he believes have the potential to be developed into compelling series. After graduating from Emerson College, he lived in Los Angeles for four years, and moved to New York City this past January.

Ted Campbell's compelling thriller UNDERGROUND tracks disgruntled Boston MBTA worker Gerry McCaffery as he aspires to live up to his gangster father’s legacy uses his extensive knowledge of the abandoned tunnels under the city of Boston to pull off a diamond heist.

Ted, originally from Boston, is a screenwriter and director who specializes in thoughtful, character driven thrillers. His neo-noir, thriller BLUE MOTEL won the Grand Prize in ScriptShark's Insider Screenplay contest. He has been invited to officially join ISA’s Development Program with UNDERGROUND, and finds inspiration in the works of the great noir writers Dasheill Hammett, Raymond Chandler and Ross MacDonald as well as screenwriting idols Scott Frank, Shane Black, Tony Gilroy and Richard Wenk. A twenty-year veteran of the film industry, Ted has worked as a First Assistant Director on over fifty independent feature films.


“We are excited to announce Michael as the Final Draft Fellow to the 2018 Stowe Story Lab," said Scott McMenamin, President of Final Draft. "Michael’s work is compelling and grounded and Stowe Story Labs will be a great place to foster Michael as a writer and artist,” he said.

"We are tremendously proud to be partnering with Final Draft to offer this fellowship to the Labs," said David Rocchio, President and Founder of Stowe Story Labs. "Final Draft is all about breaking down barriers to turning wonderful ideas into brilliant scripts. We are aligned with this mission and Final Draft has helped us tremendously in our search for the world's top emerging screenwriters, and in Michael and Ted we have found two," he said.


2018 Stowe Story Labs / PAGE Fellows Announced

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2018 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellowships. 

Andi Delott -- Andi's feature film script, FAITH, is a drama about Jennifer, a Pastor’s wife searching for answers about her son’s death following an initiation rite at a Christian University. FAITH plots Jennifer's journey, which makes her question her own faith and how far she’ll go to find the truth.

Jake Taylor -- Jake's 1-hour TV Drama Pilot, WICCA PUNK, plots the journey of 13-year-old witch Harper when she moves with her family to a coastal Oregon town, attracting the unwanted attention of a malevolent witch’s coven at her new school.


Andi Delott is a novelist, advertising executive and emerging screenwriter. Andi's writing focuses on female-driven screenplays and novels. Her screenplay, THE DEAL, was accepted into the 2017 New York Women in Film and Television Writers Lab. As a novelist, she has published five romances under a pseudonym and currently writes contemporary and upmarket fiction. Andi heads up the ABC TV account at an entertainment advertising agency in Los Angeles. As ABC's agency of record from 2000 - 2018, she serves as the main client contact as well as the internal creative lead. In this role, Andi has helped successfully helped brand, launch and sustain multi-year marketing campaigns for TV classics including Lost, Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing with the Stars, and Modern Family to name a few. Now, in addition to working with ABC, Andi's clients also include Netflix, Amazon, and Disney. 


Jake Taylor lives in Mesa, Arizona, but his heart remains in the Northwest. Other than placing well in one other contest, making the 2018 PAGE Quarterfinals with WICCA PUNK is his first major success with a script. His day job is a Baker. He camps, fishes, hikes and grills whenever he can. He has been married to his gorgeous wife for almost six years. Together they like camping, furniture shopping, and DIY projects on their house. They are also expecting their first child.

We love these projects for plotting difficult journeys for these two disparate women. We are excited to award Andi and Jake the 5th Annual PAGE Fellowships. To make the choice more meaningful, these two scripts stood out in a very, very strong field.

"This is our fifth year working with Stowe Story Labs," said PAGE Executive Director Kristen Overn. "We are excited for Jake and Andi and applaud their success in being selected for what we are sure will be a productive lab," she said.

"Every year, working with the PAGE team, we discover great new talents from all walks of life," said David Rocchio, President and Founder of the Labs. "This year is no different. We are excited to work with Jake and Andi and, as well, the many other PAGE Quarterfinalists attending this fall's lab, bringing interesting stories, varied backgrounds, and unique voices to our community. I want to thank Kristin and the team at PAGE for this wonderful partnership. We look forward to doing more together in the future," he said.

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card:  April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner . Card designed by alumni  Jen West .

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card: April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner. Card designed by alumni Jen West.

Stowe Story Labs Announces Seed&Spark Fellow to 2018 Lab

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 Seed & Spark Fellowship to its Fall 2018 Story Lab: 

Lea Robinson, Richmond, CA (Sci-Fi Feature, DARK SKY). Lea’s script DARK SKY is a queer love story set in what is now Oakland, California. The rainy streets of Oaktown become a hunting ground for a creature that travels to earth every century to feed. The city's only hope lies in the hands of Augusta, the first transgender detective OPD has ever had. Augusta will try to save their city, while investigating a mysterious woman that seems to have arrived at the same time as the creature. This love story unfolds while a race against time provides a battleground for an apex hunter from another galaxy and ancient warrior from another time. 


Lea Robinson is a queer/transgender/butch/gender non-conforming POC identified actor and writer. Lea grew up in Kentucky and attended college on a basketball scholarship. Lea recently moved to Oakland, CA from NYC, where they were active in both the theater world and film and television.  Lea is currently SAG-AFTRA and represented by an L.A. manager.  Lea is an avid exercise enthusiast, lover of cats and gamer extraordinaire.

Emily Best, CEO of Seed&Spark and Stowe Story Labs mentor, said, "This was a tough decision! We're excited to meet all of the writers who were finalists for our fellowship for this year's Narrative Lab, and we're over the moon to offer this year's Stowe Story Lab Seed&Spark fellowship to writer Lea Robinson. Their project is unique, fresh, and important. And we're all in for transgender, non-binary, and queer people people of color getting to see themselves represented authentically onscreen. See you there, Lea.” 

“Our vision for Stowe Story Labs is to find top emerging talents offering fresh stories people can identify with, learn from, feel viscerally and enjoy,” said David Rocchio, President and Founder of the Labs. “Through our fellowship partners we discover tremendous voices, and I am excited to work with Lea on their work, and so pleased to be partnering with Seed&Spark on this fellowship,” he said.


About Seed&Spark: Seed&Spark is an entertainment platform built to increase representation in media and help creators build sustainable careers. We connect some of the most unique new voices making movies and shows to the diverse audiences hungry for diverse stories and storytellers via crowdfunding and subscription streaming. Since our founding in 2012, more than $13M has been raised across more than 1,000 crowdfunding campaigns on Seed&Spark, with the highest campaign success rate of any crowdfunding platform in the world. Our highly curated streaming library is full of award-winning movies and shows by diverse creators from all over the world. For more information, visit

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card:  April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner . Card designed by alumni  Jen West .

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card: April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner. Card designed by alumni Jen West.

SAGindie Fellowship Awarded to Turkish Filmmaker Esra Saydam

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the winner of the 2018 SAGindie Fellowship to the Labs: 

Esra Saydam, Los Angeles (Drama/Romance, THE MESOPOTAMIAN).

THE MESOPOTAMIAN is about two EMTs navigating an unseen New York City; a city that is both intimate and lonely; their partnership is challenged both by what they see and by their disparate backgrounds. One of the two is a U.S. Vet of a dozen years of conflict in the Middle East and the other a Middle Eastern immigrant. Through their time together, they begin to piece together their love-lacking metropolitan lives.

esra headshot.JPG

Esra bridges the oceanic divide between her homeland Turkey and the United States. She is a filmmaker with a master’s degree from Columbia University's Graduate Film Program. Her first feature film, ACROSS THE SEA (2014), co-directed with Nisan Dag, won multiple awards in her home country as well at other international festivals such as Slamdance and the Milano Int. Film Festival. The film was distributed theatrically in Turkey and screens on Amazon Prime in the US. Esra’s work has been recognized by programs like EAVE’s Ties That Bind, Sundance Screenwriters’ Lab (Istanbul), Meetings on the Bridge, IFP Film Week, Global Media Makers/Film Independent and Cine Qua Non Lab. In 2018, Esra participated in the Berlinale Talent Program.  Esra is as well the recipient of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Fellowship. As part of her screenwriting research for MESOPOTAMIAN, Esra completed a training and received her NY State EMT Certificate.

About being awarded the fellowship, Esra said “I am incredibly proud to have been selected as a fellow to Stowe Story Labs. I look forward to joining that community. As a filmmaker who has always been inspired by performances and the way cinema can capture them, I as well incredibly value the SAG Indie fellowship. This opportunity will allow me to bring all the rich faces and stories of New York City that touched my immigrant heart onto screen. Thank you.


SAGindie National Director Darrien Michele Gipson said, "we are pleased to partner again with Stowe Story Labs as they find and nurture emerging talents. Esra’s work strikes a chord and deserves to be out in the world. I look forward to working with her in Stowe this fall.


ssl red box.jpeg

“We are thrilled to have Esra join us,” said David Rocchio, founder and president of the Labs. “She is an amazing filmmaker and story teller working to illuminate the human condition and spirit. Nothing is more important in these times. We look forward to helping her develop her work, and thank SAGindie for their continued support of the Labs.”

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card:  April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner . Card designed by alumni  Jen West .

Stowe Story Labs alumni contributing words from scripts for this card: April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner. Card designed by alumni Jen West.

Stowe Story Labs 2018 Fellowship Finalists

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce their Fellowship Finalists to the 2018 Stowe Story Lab.


Finalists for the Stowe Story Labs SAGindie Fellowship are:

Cardenas, Liz (MILE HIGH MARY)
Chen, Andrea (BAD CAT)
Guishard, Tamika (RHYTHM IN BLUES)


tangerine header.png




Finalists for the Tangerine Entertainment Fellowship are:

Daly, Cari (INTERWOVEN) 
Matta, Lili (CARNATION)
Negri, Victoria (ULTRA)




Finalists for the Seed&Spark Fellowship are:

Lee, Tricia (SPOKEN)
Leggett, Maren (SHRINKWRAPPED)
Robinson, Lea (DARK SKY)
Tasillo, Amy (PLAYHOUSE)
Mangan, Leanne (REMADE)


Finalists for the Final Draft Fellowship:

Andrews, Peter (FRAGILE)
Berlind, Michael (COASTAL SHELF)
Campbell, Ted (UNDERGROUND)
Carvalho, Marcelo (THE FORSAKEN SAMURAI)
Dhand, Neal (ZIPPERS)
Loxton, Dean (NATHAN WON’T RIDE)
Lybrook, Christian (CITY OF TREES)
Pearce, Jeff (PREVAIL)
Polk, Susan (CAROL)
Spain, Bernie (NINGALOO)
Zaharchenko, Tatiana (TO TELL THE TRUTH)


Finalists for the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellowships are:

Bradley, Tracey (BLACKWELL)
Delott, Andi (FAITH)
Floody, Nathan (WINTER QUARTERS)
Gonzalez, Michael (CHROME BIKE)
Jenca, Sheila (SO WHO’S GOT A GUN)
Opgenorth, Travis (IRON MAIDEN)
Schlow, David (SAVAGE)
Setton, Ruth Knafo (RISE)
Tachoir, Erica (SCATTERING JAKE)
Taylor, Jake (WICCA PUNK)




Finalists for the Fellowship are:

Folsom, Douglas (JUNE GRACE)
Noval, Donna (TRU NORTH)
Nunez, Angel (AMERIQUENO)
Picariello, Jim (THE CULT OF US)
Remus, Anna (WHITE PARTY)
Viani, Terri Codori (DIRTY WATER DOGS)
Wofford, Wade (URBAN ED)
Zeiser, Sarah (AQUITAINE)


Finalists for the ISA Fellowship are:

Bowler, Simon (INSURRECTION)
Cahill, Mugs (PATIENT NO MORE)
Hanna, Kevin (PUBLIC ACCESS)
Maraniss, Ben (WEIMAR)
Otto, Lisa (RUN TO ME)
Powers, Katterina (A BETTER PLACE)

The finalists for and winner of the Vermonter Fellowship are:

Huntley, Alastair (HALF SHELL) (winner)
Latham, Jennifer (THE HOMEMAKER)

You can read more about the Vermonter Fellow and Fellowship finalists here.

VCF logo.png

champlain college logo shield_color.jpg

The Champlain College Fellows are TeeJay Hannon and Freeman Fletcher.

You can read more about Freeman and TeeJay and their projects here.




The UVM Fellow is Matt Schildkamp.

You can read more about Matt and his project here.



ssl red box.jpeg
Fellowships to the Labs made possible in part by the law firm of Stacey A. Davis, Lab alumni and board member. You can learn more about Stacey   here  .

Fellowships to the Labs made possible in part by the law firm of Stacey A. Davis, Lab alumni and board member. You can learn more about Stacey here.

Stowe Story Labs Announces Vermonter Fellowship Recipient and Finalists for 2018 Stowe Story Lab

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs has awarded the 2018 Vermonter Fellowship to Norwich University student Alastair Huntley, for his feature drama HALF SHELL.

The script follows the tragic path of Danielle, a young, pregnant, former addict fighting for custody of her unborn child. The other finalists for the Vermonter fellowship are Jennifer Latham, with her marvelous period drama, THE HOMEMAKER, and Nate Herzog, with his out-of-this-world Sci-Fi thriller THE STONE PEOPLE.

Candid-Alastair Huntley.jpg

Alastair is a full-time, 5th-year cadet at Norwich University in the Studies in War and Peace Program (original kilo company).

Along with screenwriting, Alastair focuses on academic research relating to the Eastern Front during both World War I and World War II. Alastair wrote to us that "I am probably the only screenwriter at Norwich University who also completed the Corps of Cadets. This means I offer a unique Vermont perspective for the Story Lab to consider." He is right in both regards. Alastair is a young writer with a strong voice and an ambitious plan, which includes shooting and making work in Vermont. We look forward to working with him as he launches his bold plan.

In addition to HALF SHELL, Alastair is working on a piece of historical fiction set on the Norwich University campus during World War II. His goal is to not only publish the novel, but to also write the screenplay and produce the film after he completes HALF SHELL. 

Stowe Story Labs wishes as well to honor the finalists for the 2018 Vermonter Fellowship:

Jennifer Latham.jpg

Jennifer Latham started her film career in her home state of Vermont on Nora Jacobson’s MY MOTHER’S EARLY LOVERS, the beginning of two decades of work on films that go beneath the surface in revealing, honest, and often provocative ways. Her documentary credits include the award-winning ENDURANCE: SHACKLETON’S LEGENDARY ANTARCTIC EXPEDITION, followed by TWO TOWNS OF JASPER, the critically acclaimed PBS documentary for which she received a Columbia-Dupont award as Co-Producer. She line-produced two films with Michael Moore, including the Oscar-nominated SICKO and has produced documentaries ranging in topics from international adoption to an enduring musical tradition in Haiti.  In 2014 she received a prime-time Emmy for her work as Supervising Producer of YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY, a series about climate change.

Jennifer submitted her haunting period drama THE HOMEMAKER to the Lab. The story is set in 1920's Vermont and examines what happens when a woman must become the breadwinner in a family.

Jennifer serves on the board of Latchis Arts and is Program Director for The Vermont Film Institute, a film trade school based in Brattleboro, Vermont.


Nate Herzog is a playwright and a screenwriter living in Burlington, Vermont. He writes to us that "I've loved movies, audio plays, and the theater since I was a child. I dream of contributing to the fantastic collection of stories I've enjoyed my whole life. When not writing, I am a sport fencer, a runner, a designer, a developer, and a father." 

Nate submitted his sci-fi feature script THE STONE PEOPLE, a compelling story about the discovery of aliens living within rocks on the red planet. As scientists scramble to study the aliens, they must confront the political and bureaucrats back on earth as much as the discovery.

The Vermonter Fellowship is made possible through sponsorship by the Vermont Community Foundation, a philanthropic organization inspiring giving and bringing together people and resources to make a difference in Vermont; The Alchemist Brewery, a Vermont-based, family run brewery specializing in fresh, unfiltered IPA; Stowe Story Labs; and Stowe's Helen Day Art Center, a contemporary art gallery and education space (as well as the spiritual and physical home of Stowe Story Labs). 

The Stowe Story Labs Vermonter Fellowship is dedicated to finding aspiring screenwriters and filmmakers in Vermont and to help them develop their work, the skills and a community to get work made and seen.

VCF logo.png

Stowe Story Labs and Champlain College’s Division of Communication and Creative Media Announce the 2018 Champlain College Fellows

David Rocchio

The Division of Communication and Creative Media (CCM) at Champlain College and Stowe Story Labs are pleased to announce the 2018 Stowe Story Labs / Champlain College Fellows to Stowe's September Narrative Lab.

Sharp-tongued Freeman Fletcher

Sharp-tongued Freeman Fletcher

Freeman Fletcher is from South Berwick, Maine and has always loved film. Since he could remember, he’s had an unwavering desire to make movies. This trajectory brought him to Champlain College in 2014, graduating with a BFA in Filmmaking in May of 2018. In his time at Champlain he has written and directed many short films, his last two being Fear in Headlights and Thank God for Lighthouses. When he isn’t making movies of his own, he’s helping his friends on theirs. Freeman noted “My favorite class in college was Screenwriting and Stowe Story Labs sounds like a big ol' version of that but in beautiful Stowe so I'm very excited!”

Mahwah's TeeJay Hannon

Mahwah's TeeJay Hannon



TeeJay Hannon is in his 4th year at Champlain College working on his BFA in Filmmaking degree. He is from Mahwah, New Jersey. He started acting on his passion for film in 2008 when he made a few stop motion videos for Youtube. He continues to produce, and was invited to be on a panel at the Online Video Convention Vidcon. He loves to entertain people and make them laugh.


"This is our fourth year partnering with Champlain to offer fellowships to the fall Lab, said David Rocchio, President and Founder of the Labs. "We love this partnership. The College each year sends us wonderful writers and filmmakers just starting their journeys and we are dedicated to helping them get on their way. We are equally thrilled to work with the team at Champlain and to have TeeJay and Freeman with us this fall," he said.

“This year both Champlain College Stowe Fellows are working on comedies. TeeJay has been honing his comedy skills for years -- starting with a popular youtube 'vlog,' adventures in awesome, which was always filmed in his shower. TeeJay has a way of writing that immediately makes you fall in love with all of his real, flawed characters,” says Champlain Screenwriting professor Julia Swift.

“Freeman's characters have sharper tongues and wield them mercilessly in attacks against each other.  His comedy is more verbal and less situational. It's Freeman's lines that reverberate in my mind long after I read his words,” says Swift.

“We are delighted to again offer our students this fellowship opportunity and, in doing so, support our Filmmaking program’s mission to provide a relevant educational experience that integrates conceptual engagement, technical skills, artistic experimentation, and business training, says Paula Willoquet-Maricond, Dean of the Division of Communication and Creative Media.

About Stowe Story Labs:

ssl red box.jpeg

Launched in the fall of 2013, Stowe Story Labs is a nonprofit collaborative bringing emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers from around the world to Stowe to help participants get work made and seen. For more information please visit

champlain college logo shield_color.jpg

About the Division of Communication and Creative Media at Champlain College:

The Division of Communication and Creative Media unites a community of students, faculty, staff, alumni and external partners in the study and practice of communication, creative media, and emergent media fields. Through our innovative curriculum, we guide and support students in finding their voice and developing their vision so they may thrive as creators, communicators, and innovators.;


Stowe Story Labs is Pleased to Announce 2018 UVM Fellow

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs and the Film and Television Studies Program at the  University of Vermont are pleased to announce that Matt Schildkamp is the recipient of the inaugural UVM Fellowship to Stowe Story Labs.

UVM's Matt Schildkamp brings trippy AERO LUNA to Fall Lab. Matt is inaugural UVM Fellow to Stowe Story Labs

UVM's Matt Schildkamp brings trippy AERO LUNA to Fall Lab. Matt is inaugural UVM Fellow to Stowe Story Labs

Matt was born in Middlebury Vermont and loves studying film at UVM. “I’ve a taste for many genres, but am still experimenting to find my true suit,” he said. “I’m fueled by creative exchange and am thrilled to share, challenge, and critique work with fellow screenwriters, so am excited to come to Stowe this fall.”

 Sarah Nilsen, an Associate Professor at UVM and Matt’s screenwriting professor, had this to say about Matt and his work: “Matt is a well deserving recipient of the first UVM Fellowship to Stowe Story Labs. He has distinguished himself in the Film and Television Studies Program as an excellent student, who embodies the best qualities and values of our program. He is engaged and focused, with a disciplined work ethic and persistent drive for excellence in his writing that has distinguished him among his peers. Matt committed himself passionately to mastering the art of screenwriting and worked with other equally dedicated writers in our program to develop and refine his skills, and extended his skills to explore multiple genres and formats. With his original and vibrant voice, the Stowe Story Labs fellowship will enable Matt to experiment with in greater depth the complexity and richness of creativity and imagination that he has already exhibited in his first screenplays.”

“We are thrilled both to have Matt join us this fall - his trippy-script for AERO LUNA is terrific and bold, and his vision for his life in the industry is audacious but achievable. We are excited to work with Matt and bring him into our community and to have UVM partnering with us, to help excellent students becoming meaningful members of the international film and television industries,” said David Rocchio, founder and president of Stowe Story Labs. "We now have four Vermont-centric fellowships to the labs, which is deeply meaningful to me and directly aligned with our vision. We thank UVM for seeing the value of our program and joining us on the journey."

Deb Ellis, the Director of Film and Television Studies Program at UVM, said, “it makes sense that Matt received the first UVM Fellowship to attend the Stowe Story Labs. Matt has worked incredibly hard and put in his time while at UVM. And, I’m so happy that future students will have this fellowship to work toward in the future.”

ssl red box.jpeg

About Stowe Story Labs:  Launched in the fall of 2013, Stowe Story Labs is a nonprofit collaborative bringing emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers from around the world to Stowe to help participants get their work made and seen. For more information please visit


About UVM Film and Television Program: The UVM Film and Television Studies program is dedicated to producing critical media thinkers and producers who are capable of working and contributing to our increasingly diverse and technologically sophisticated society.


Robyn Greene Arrington Joins Stowe Story Labs Board

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce Robyn Greene Arrington has joined its Board of Directors.


Robyn is an award-winning creative executive with varied experience in content creation.  As Interim Head and Vice President of Original Programming & Production at TV One, Greene Arrington is a key member of the core team that shapes the network’s creative vision. For more than a decade, she has been a driving force behind some of the network’s most acclaimed original content, including Unsung, Love Under New Management: The Miki Howard Story and Fatal Attraction. Her most recent TV One ratings and trending successes are Uncensored, an intimate celebrity documentary series; Bobbi Kristina, an innovative biopic; and Two Sides, an investigative crime & justice limited series, executive produced as well as narrated by Viola Davis.

Prior to her tenure at TV One, Robyn contributed to HBO, Lifetime, A&E and BET. Her film work includes Spike Lee’s Malcolm X and the indie cult classic, Hav Plenty, which Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds executive produced and which was distributed by Miramax.

Robyn mentored at Stowe Story Labs' May 2018 Writers' Retreat and is collaborating with Stowe Story Labs and Stowe's Helen Day Art Center on the Helen Day's Summer Exhibition, Reclamation.

“I have fallen in love with Stowe.  It’s an oasis for creativity," said Greene Arrington. "I am honored to be asked to share my experiences as a content creator. Being a mentor for Stowe Story Labs was a magical experience for me. I am eager to continue creating magic with this imaginative assemblage of visionaries who love the written word as much as I do."

"We are thrilled to have Robyn join our Board. She brings a tremendous, positive energy to all she does," said David Rocchio, founder of the Labs. "She is aligned with our mission, bursting with ideas, and is herself a screenwriter and creative producer with vast experience," he said.

As a member of the Board, Robyn will continue to mentor for the Labs and as well help expand the network of film and TV industry leaders partnering with the Labs to help top emerging filmmakers, screenwriters and creative producers get work made and seen.

SAGindie Offers Second Annual SAGindie Fellowship

David Rocchio

ssl red box.jpeg

(June 20, 2018) Stowe Story Labs and SAGindie are pleased to announce the Second Annual SAGindie Fellowship, to be awarded to a top emerging filmmaker of color to attend the 2018 Stowe Story Lab in Stowe, Vermont.

The 4-day Fall Lab is the cornerstone of Stowe Story Lab’s programming. It is held annually at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont and brings selected participants together with top industry mentors to work on craft, demystify the international film and television industry, and help participants get their work made and seen.

This year’s lab will be held September 8 – 11. To learn more about the Lab, please click here

The SAGindie Fellowship covers fees to attend the Lab and provides as well a contribution toward travel and lodging expenses, among other benefits. To learn more about Stowe Story Labs Fellowships, click here.

Stowe Story Labs is reopening its application season for a short window to allow any screenwriter, filmmaker, or creative producer interested in the SAGindie Fellowship to apply to this Fall’s Lab by clicking here, using code SAGindie, to reduce the 'out of season' application fee to below the regular fee. This window will be open until July 15.

“We are excited to partner again with SAGindie,” said David Rocchio, President and Founder of Stowe Story Labs. “We are 100% aligned on mission, which is to support filmmakers to make meaningful work and bend the world a bit through film. We appreciate SAGindie’s commitment to our work,” he said.

“Independent filmmaking has long been an avenue for marginalized voices to tell their stories,” said Darrien Michele Gipson, SAGindie Executive Director. “We are so excited to once again partner with Stowe Story Labs to help an emerging storyteller hone their voice,” she said.


Stowe Story Labs is a Vermont-based 501 (c)(3) charity dedicated to helping the world’s best emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.

SAGindie is an educational organization that promotes the working relationship between professional actors and passionate independent filmmakers. As a free resource, SAGindie offers filmmakers clarity and kinship by guiding them through the SAG-AFTRA signatory process, making it even easier to hire professional actors, regardless of budget.

- END -

Stowe Story Labs and Final Draft (a Cast&Crew Entertainment Company) Announce Final Draft Fellowship

David Rocchio

ssl red box.jpeg

Stowe Story Labs and Final Draft, a Cast&Crew Entertainment Company, are proud and excited to announce the launch of a “Final Draft Fellowship” to the 6th Annual Stowe Story Lab.  

The Non-Profit Stowe Story Labs was founded in 2013 to help top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers from around the world get work made and seen. Applications are now being accepted to the sixth-annual Lab, held at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont, on September 8 - 11, 2018.


Final Draft has supported Stowe Story Lab fellowships to the Fall Lab for several years, with copies of Final Draft 10.  

Starting in 2018, Stowe Story Labs is offering a “Final Draft Fellowship” to the Fall Lab.

 The Final Draft Fellowship will go to a top deserving applicant to the Lab and will receive a fee waiver and other benefits. To learn more about the fellowship, please click here. (There is no separate fellowship application.)

The Annual four-day fall story lab is the entry point to Stowe Story Labs’ programs. The Lab provides four days of

  • small group workshops with industry mentors;
  • peer-to-peer group sessions; in-conversation interviews and Q&As;
  • skill and craft workshops;
  • conversations about production, financing, and distribution systems;
  • structured networking and social time with peers and mentors.

Other Stowe Story Labs programs include -

  • Writers’ Retreats offering detailed script notes
  • Ongoing one-on-one mentoring
  • Market Participation programs
  • Other programming and collaborative tools to help get work made and seen.

The Fall Lab is the only program available through open application process. All other elements are available by invitation only. 

“We are thrilled to initiate this fellowship,” said Stowe Story Labs President and founder David Rocchio. “Final Draft has been integral to breaking down barriers to entry to the film and TV Industries through its intuitive, industry-standard screenwriting software,” he said. “We are aligned with Final Draft to enable the best emerging talents to advance their work and are excited to add a Final Draft Fellow to our fellowship program,” he said.

About Final Draft, a Cast & Crew Company

Final Draft, a Cast & Crew Company, has published Final Draft® software – the number-one selling screenwriting application in the world – for 25 years. Final Draft automatically paginates and formats your script to industry standards, allowing writers to focus on what they do best – writing scripts. Used by such industry giants as J.J. Abrams, James Cameron and Aaron Sorkin, Final Draft software is the professional’s choice and the entertainment industry standard. In addition to its flagship software product, Final Draft offers the annual Big Break Contest – a screenwriting competition that launches careers, and awards over $80,000 in cash and prizes. Final Draft also offers the Reader® and Writer® apps for iPhone and iPad, making creativity truly portable. To learn more about Final Draft and its products and services, visit:

More information about the labs can be found here.

The earlybird application deadline is April 14.


Applications Being Accepted for Vermonter Fellowship: Fall Lab and One Year Ongoing Mentoring

David Rocchio

The Vermont Community Foundation, The Alchemist Brewery and Stowe Story Labs are pleased to announce the Vermonter Fellowship to the 6th Annual Stowe Story Labs, which will be held September 8 – 11 at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont.

The year-long fellowship includes full tuition for the September 2018 Narrative Lab, a year of ongoing mentoring with a Stowe Story Labs mentor, a travel stipend, and other benefits, including a copy of Final Draft 10 screenwriting software and StoryBoard Quick storyboarding software.

The goal of the Vermonter Fellowship is to identify an exceptional Vermont applicant with a compelling story idea – regardless of prior experience or education in film or TV – and create an opportunity for the Fellow to meaningfully advance their work and enter the dynamic international, independent film and TV industry. The program is for film or TV narrative projects.

VCF logo.png

“We are excited to partner with Stowe Story Labs and the Alchemist Brewery to offer this remarkable opportunity. Vermont is rich in the art of storytelling, and we hope this fellowship offers the chance to develop the skills and knowledge to build a career telling the stories that connect people to that legacy,” said Dan Smith, President and CEO of the Vermont Community Foundation.


“The Alchemist is proud to support Stowe Story Labs and the Vermont Fellow Program,” said the Alchemist’s Jen Kimmich. “David Rocchio has created a unique and powerful program that supports Vermonters by giving them the tools they need to elevate their voices and share their stories,” she said.

The Labs bring talented emerging screenwriters from around the world together with top industry professionals to focus on story, production and packaging of their feature films and television projects.

“We are thrilled to offer this fellowship,” said David Rocchio, founder and president of Stowe Story Labs. “Introducing Vermonters to the international film and TV industry is a critical part of our mission. Giving all Vermonters access and the tools they need to achieve their personal vision, whether in this industry or any one of a million others, is critical. We are excited to be part of the Vermont Community Foundation’s and the Alchemist’s efforts to support Vermonters in this way,” he said.

Lincoln Hayes, the 2016 Stowe Story Labs Vermonter Fellow, said of being at the Labs, “To be around so many talented writers and creators was exhilarating! The mentors were insightful, inspiring, and wonderfully down-to-earth. I couldn't believe I was in the same room with such industry rockstars! All the participants’ work was incredible as well; I loved listening to their pitches. Seeing everyone light up as they spoke about their work was inspiring. I've maintained relationships from the Labs, and am actually working on some of the projects as an actor! I would attend the Labs again in a heartbeat. Do not miss your chance!”

In addition to the Vermonter Fellowship, Stowe Story Labs offers twelve fellowships to the labs. Fellowships are listed here.

Now in its 6th year, the labs draw people from throughout the US and the world (including (so far) Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, New Zealand and U.K.).

Stowe Story Labs mentors are top-industry professionals, including Academy-Award Nominated Screenwriter David Magee (FINDING NEVERLAND, LIFE OF PI, MARY POPPINS RETURNS), Academy-Award Nominated Creative Producer and Director of the Tribeca Film Institute Amy Hobby (SECRETARY, WHERE IS MISS SIMONE?), storied Casting Director Ellen Parks (SECRETARY, SIDEWAYS), and award-winning UK-based Creative Producer Alex Boden (CLOUD ATLAS, SENSE8). Stowe Story Labs mentors are listed here.

In addition to the fall lab, Stowe Story Labs offers invitation only writers’ retreats, ongoing one-on-one mentoring, fiscal agency, and film market experiences.

The Fall Lab is the only element of the program with an open call for admissions. Applications to the Fall 2018 Lab are now being accepted. The application is here: (There is no separate fellowship application. All Vermonters applying to the Labs will be considered for the fellowship and can use discount coupon VERMONT for 15% off the application fee.) Early bird deadline is April 14; Regular Deadline is April 30. Anyone interested in the labs or the fellowship can find information at or by emailing

 About Stowe Story Labs:

ssl red box.jpeg

The 501(c)(3) nonprofit Stowe Story Labs runs labs, retreats, ongoing mentoring programs, film and TV market experiences, and other programming for top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers from around the world.

The mission of the Labs is help top emerging talents get good work made and seen and through that to bend the world a bit through story. For more information about Stowe Story Labs please visit or email

About the Vermont Community Foundation:

The Vermont Community Foundation inspires giving and brings people and resources together to make a difference in Vermont. We are a family of hundreds of funds and foundations created by Vermonters to serve their charitable goals. The Community Foundation provides the advice, investment vehicles, and back-office expertise to make giving easy and inspiring, while also responding to community needs, mobilizing and connecting philanthropists to multiply their impact, and keeping Vermont’s nonprofit sector strong with grants and other investments in the community. Visit or call 802-388-3355 for more information.

About The Alchemist Brewery:

The Alchemist, of Waterbury and Stowe, is a family owned and operated craft brewery specializing fresh, unfiltered IPA. The Alchemist is committed to a healthy and clean environment, strong communities and the highest-quality craft beer.

About the Helen Day Art Center


Helen Day Art Center is a 501c3 organization that was established in 1981 to “enhance the human experience through the visual arts.” The Center pursues its mission through programming that asserts the value of art and engages its audience as visitors, volunteers, creators, and patrons. The Art Center is the primary fine arts contemporary resource for children and families in Lamoille County and the surrounding region. For additional information visit or call 802-253-8358


 This postcard was designed by Stowe Story Labs alum Jen West. Words are from scripts written by other lab participants. To learn more, click here.



David Rocchio

Applications are now being accepted for the Sixth Annual Stowe Story Lab, to be held September 8 - 11 in Stowe, Vermont. Acceptance to the Lab is through this competitive application process. To apply, click here.

We founded the Non-Profit Stowe Story Labs in 2013 to help top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.

Now entering its sixth year, the Fall Narrative Lab is the entry point to a program of

  • labs,

  • writers' retreats,

  • workshops,

  • ongoing mentoring,

  • development/production support, and

  • market participation for selected participants.

The Lab is held each year in Stowe, Vermont, at the storied Helen Day Art Center.

Stowe Story Labs is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.For more information, reach out anytime:

Stowe Story Labs, Inc.

P.O. Box 513

Stowe, VT 05672


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champlain college logo shield_color.jpg
SAD Law Firm Horizonal Logo.jpg

Killer 2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard Design by Alum Jen West

David Rocchio

Alum filmmaker, screenwriter and graphic designer Jen West designed our 2018 postcard with a little help from her 2017 Lab compadres. Here is Jen's design and description of her process. It's always interesting to hear how art happens. Thank you Jen!

2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard, design by  Jen West

2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard, design by Jen West

How It Came To Be:

When David Rocchio asked if I might be interested in creating some art for the 2018 Stowe Story Labs, I jumped at the opportunity. My experience in the 2017 lab was an incredible one, so this was a great chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way. I had several concepts working when it occurred to me that the real art was already out there, written by all of you. I reached out to a handful of 2017 Stowe Story Lab participants and asked for a line that really stood out to them from their own scripts as a stand-alone, and requested that it be sent over in their own handwriting. Pieced together, they create a unique fingerprint of the energy from last year's lab. It's a challenge to fully express the Stowe Story Labs experience to someone unfamiliar, and I think this art captures a special essence of what happens there.
Many thanks to Story Lab Alums April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner for their writing and participation. 

jen west.jpg

When Jen West isn't traveling the country in her converted school bus, she is deeply immersed in creating films based on bold female characters, oftentimes from the Deep South. She is known for writing and directing short indie films like Piece of Cake, Crush, Bubble, Little Cabbage, and the St. Paul and the Broken Bones' music video Call Me. West also produced The New Orleans Sazerac and Bottomless, which were official selections of the 2016 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in the American Pavilion as part of the Cannes Film Festival. She is the first filmmaker to have two projects accepted in the same year to the program. West was a Stowe Story Labs 2017 fellow with her feature screenplay Electric Bleau, of which was also named a Finalist for the 2018 Park City Table Read competition.

Announcing Roster for 5th Annual Stowe Story Labs, September 2017

David Rocchio

Excited, proud, pleased and honored to announce the 2017 Stowe Story Labs Roster. Congratulations to all.

Beyond those named below, thank you to all of the talented screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers who applied into a tough, tough pool. 

Sarah Brockmann, Scituate, MA. FREE INSIDE!, Family

Susan Brunig, Oakland, CA. HARD IS THE GOOD, Drama (PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow)

Mugs Cahill, Santa Monica, CA. JOOK, Thriller

Benedict Campbell, Bronx, NY. THE HIGH BRIDGE, Drama

Jill Campbell, Brooklyn, NY. AFTER TOMORROW, Dramedy

Shari Lynette Carpenter, New York, NY. HEAVY PETTING, Dramedy

Melody Cooper, Hastings, NY. THE SOUND OF DARKNESS, Thriller (Tangerine Entertainment Fellow)

Cassandra Crowley, Arlington, MA. FAMILY BUSINESS, Comedy / Family (Champlain College Fellow)

Maria Cruz Matteoli, Arcata, CA LADY OF THE CANYON, Drama

Cat Dale, Englewood, CO. MOUNT PLEASANT, TV Pilot, Drama

Jeremy Dehn, Littleton, CO. BEASTS UNDISCOVERED, Comedy

Muffie Dunn, Greenwich, CT. MERCEDES MAN, Drama

Dina Fiasconaro, Baltimore, MD. DAYS IN THE WAKE, Drama

Zoë Furlong, Burlington, VT / Seattle, WA. MILL CREEK, Drama (Helen Day Art Center Fellow)

Suzanne Griffin, Brooklyn, NY. BLOOD AND DREAMS, Drama

Reeyaz Habib, Los Angeles. CLEMENTINE, Thriller (Seed&Spark Fellow)

Andrea Higgins, Walpole, MA. QUINTESSENCE, Drama

Brian Holder, Tampa, FL. THE ANDROYS, Sci-Fi / Family (Champlain College Fellow)

Rebecca Ingram, Wilsons Creek, NSW, Australia. DOG BOX, Thriller

Nikhil Kamkolkar, North Brunswick, NJ. ASSASSIN JANE, Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Danielle Karagannis, North Hollywood, CA. INSOMNIA, Comedy

Joel Karlinsky, Newton, MA. THE MAGIC HOURGLASSES, Fantasy

Nicole Kempskie, Auburn, MA. HELEN ON 86TH ST., Dramedy ( Fellow)

Alicia Keyes, Albuquerque, NM. coHERcive, Drama

Steven Lowery, Cincinnati, OH. PICKLE, Drama

Jude Lutz, Pasadena, CA. PYTHON, TV Pilot, Thriller

Phyllis MacBryde, New York, NY. CREATING ZINZI, Dramedy

Selena Mars, Los Angeles, CA. JULIA BELGROVE, Drama (SAGIndie Fellow)

Kahlil Maskati, Edison, NJ. AMIR WAS HERE, Comedy

M.S. McFarland, Los Angeles, CA. SPLENDID LITTLE WAR, Drama

Lisa Meserole, Norwalk, CT. THE JAZZ BIRD, Animated

Rebecca Mlinek, Upperco, MD. OUR AMERICAN, TV Pilot, Drama

Justin Neal, North Hollywood, CA. THE SKINS GAME Dramedy

Katie Orr, Atlanta, GA. THE OWL, Thriller

Katharine Parsons, Queensville, Ontario, Canada. A BEAUTIFUL FISH, Family

Jackie Perez, Los Angeles, CA. CIVILIZED, Horror

Joshua Rebell, New York, NY. BLACK MARKET, Drama

Tisha Robinson-Daly, Philadelphia. HIGH, Drama (SAGIndie Honorable Mention)

Elise Salomon, Glendale, CA. INSIDE, Horror

A.M. Sanchez, Austin, TX. DAUGHTERS LOST TO THE DESERT, Thriller

Nan Schmid, New York, NY. OPEN SEASON, Drama

Alex Simon, Los Angeles, CA. BARON OF HAVANA, Drama

Vicki Speegle, South Orange, NJ. LOVED ONES, Drama (ISA Honorable Mention)

Elizabeth Stuelke, Severna Park, MD. THE BID, Drama

Betty Sullivan, Frederick, MD. SAVING ESPERANZA, Drama

David Sullivan, Ashland, OR. DEVIL RIVER, Drama (ISA Fellow)

Johanna Wald, Dedham, MA. ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT, Drama

Shannon Walsh, Vancouver, BC, Canada. UNIDENTIFIED MINOR, Drama

Teresa Warner, Los Angeles, CA. HOW JANE AUSTEN RUINED MY LIFE, Dramedy

Jen West, Atlanta, GA. ELECTRIC BLEAU, Thriller

Debi Yazbeck, Frisco, TX. DEAD MOTION, Drama

Clifford Daniel Yost, Albuquerque, NM. MALCOLM X & JKF, Drama (PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow)

Faye Yuan, New York, NY. OTTO AND I, Drama

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