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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Shoshana Rosenbaum's Stowe Story Labs experience...

shan palmer

For those wondering if the Stowe Story Lab experience is for you, Shoshana Rosenbaum shares an excellent first person view of what it's like to attend. We are so happy to be part of another positive creative journey... Thanks Shoshana!

It was scary. It was a leap. (My words were: atmospheric; engaging; heartfelt. I hesitated on that last one because I was worried it was cheesy, but I said it anyway.) And here’s the thing: everyone saying their words transformed the room. We’d taken a risk, collectively, and we were a tiny bit closer because of it. We were in this together.

"When I first heard about Stowe Story Labs, I liked what I saw on the website: a community of screenwriters and filmmakers learning together in a beautiful place. Initially, I was put off by the cost ($1,250 for the fall lab, although about a quarter of all attendees are awarded fellowships through organizations like PAGE, ISA, and Tangerine Entertainment.) Last year, I started hearing more about Stowe from the women in my screenwriting group (the Story Broads), so I gave it another look. I submitted a feature screenplay and was selected for the 2016 Fall Narrative Lab.

The project I brought to the Lab was one I’d pitched in the finals of the Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition and developed briefly with a production company, but now it felt stalled. Would four days in Stowe help?"

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Shoshana Rosenbaum is a writer/director and educator based in Washington, D.C. Her award-winning short film THE GOBLIN BABY has screened at festivals around the U.S. and internationally. She was an invited filmmaker at Stranger With My Face International Film Festival’s inaugural 2015 Attic Lab with her supernatural thriller script THE GOBLIN CHILD. Her Goonies-for-girls script THE CREEPY HOUSE was a selected project at the 2016 Stowe Story Labs. Her screenplays have been finalists in the Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition, Nashville Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, and Asian Pacific American Film Festival. Follow Shoshana on her website, Facebook and Twitter: @shoshanarosenba