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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Stowe Story Labs / PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellows Announced

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the 2016 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards  / Stowe Story Labs Fellows for 2016.

The winners are:

  • Jonathan London for his noirish Drama/Thriller COMMITMENT and
  • Laurie Weltz for her drama about a family tragedy, THE NIGHT SWIMMER.

COMMITMENT is "a relentless noir about a young husband discovering a dark past and confronting it in a way we'd all like avoid," according to David Rocchio, founder of the Labs.

THE NIGHT SWIMMER is tells the tragic tale of a young woman's discovery of her father's secret and how that unravels a life.

"We are proud to have Jonathan and Laurie as our 2016 PAGE Fellows, said Rocchio, "and prouder still to be continuing and deepening our wonderful relationship with the PAGE competition, a touchstone in the development process for emerging, new writers," he said.

"The PAGE International Screenwriting Competition exists to help top screenwriters enter this industry and thrive in it," said PAGE Executive Director Kristin Overn. "We congratulate Johnathan and Laurie. Stowe Story Labs complements our mission and is a wonderful resource for emerging writers," she said. 

Said PAGE Fellow Laurie Weitz, "I remember being at a Film Fatale meeting last fall, when a couple of my fellow filmmakers  were raving about what a wonderful experience they had just had at the Stowe Fall Lab.  Their enthusiasm was infectious, so I was delighted when I found out I had been accepted, and  even more thrilled and honored to have been awarded the PAGE Screenwriting Fellowship," she said. "I wrote my film, The Night Swimmer, to tell a story about intolerance. I have been amazed, like many others, about what has been happening in this country politically and about the hatred and racism that never seems to go away," she said. "I look forward to developing the project further during my time at Stowe."

Fellow Jonathan London said, "I needed to write 'Commitment' in order to explore questions that I had about my own anger over the death of my older brother 20 years ago and the residual effects his death has had on me going into adulthood, including my professional life, my friendships and my marriage. I'm excited to attend the Labs because it seems like the perfect environment to further develop the script and to get it to a place where I can think about my next step: production!"

Stowe Story Labs is a non-profit collective designed to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.