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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


2016 Tangerine Fellow Named

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the winner of the 2nd Annual Tangerine / Stowe Story Labs Fellowship is Grace Bennett with her drama script, LET US GO, THEN.

"When I first sat down to write this script I was at a pivotal point. I needed something to help me get through the changes and hardships I faced and I found the help in writing this piece. The story morphed along the way and became more than a file on my desktop. It became something that I thought could maybe reach, and help, other people,” said Grace.

LET US GO, THEN is about a disgraced Wall Street reporter who finds himself thrust into the world of suicide survivors and must decide whether to write what would be the story of a lifetime or simply live a life.

The Tangerine fellowship provides Grace with a spot at this fall' Story Lab and next May's writers' retreat as well as a year of mentoring with the Tangerine team. 

Tangerine Entertainment was founded in 2013 by Academy Award® nominated producer Amy Hobby and distinguished industry executive and creative producer Anne Hubbell. Tangerine is a production company and community builder for work by women directors.

“The Labs is so much richer working with the Tangerine team,” said David Rocchio, founder and president of Stowe Story Labs. “They see in Grace’s script and application a story worth telling. Now Grace will have the benefit of mentoring with Tangerine for a year. Hopefully a wonderful film will result,” he said.

“I truly believe the Tangerine fellowship is the first crucial step toward bringing Let Us Go, Then to life,” said Bennett, “and I'm so honored to attend the Stowe Story Labs next month,” she said.

“We were taken by Grace’s script,” said Tangerine Partner Amy Hobby. “It speaks with honesty about difficult, life altering experiences," she said. "This fellowship will be an opportunity for Grace to further hone her craft in a focused and supportive environment. We look forward to meeting her and kickstarting the career of another talented female storyteller."

Stowe Story Labs is a nonprofit collective founded in 2013 to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers have opportunities to work with top industry talent to get work made and seen.