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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Announcing Roster for 5th Annual Stowe Story Labs, September 2017

David Rocchio

Excited, proud, pleased and honored to announce the 2017 Stowe Story Labs Roster. Congratulations to all.

Beyond those named below, thank you to all of the talented screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers who applied into a tough, tough pool. 

Sarah Brockmann, Scituate, MA. FREE INSIDE!, Family

Susan Brunig, Oakland, CA. HARD IS THE GOOD, Drama (PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow)

Mugs Cahill, Santa Monica, CA. JOOK, Thriller

Benedict Campbell, Bronx, NY. THE HIGH BRIDGE, Drama

Jill Campbell, Brooklyn, NY. AFTER TOMORROW, Dramedy

Shari Lynette Carpenter, New York, NY. HEAVY PETTING, Dramedy

Melody Cooper, Hastings, NY. THE SOUND OF DARKNESS, Thriller (Tangerine Entertainment Fellow)

Cassandra Crowley, Arlington, MA. FAMILY BUSINESS, Comedy / Family (Champlain College Fellow)

Maria Cruz Matteoli, Arcata, CA LADY OF THE CANYON, Drama

Cat Dale, Englewood, CO. MOUNT PLEASANT, TV Pilot, Drama

Jeremy Dehn, Littleton, CO. BEASTS UNDISCOVERED, Comedy

Muffie Dunn, Greenwich, CT. MERCEDES MAN, Drama

Dina Fiasconaro, Baltimore, MD. DAYS IN THE WAKE, Drama

Zoë Furlong, Burlington, VT / Seattle, WA. MILL CREEK, Drama (Helen Day Art Center Fellow)

Suzanne Griffin, Brooklyn, NY. BLOOD AND DREAMS, Drama

Reeyaz Habib, Los Angeles. CLEMENTINE, Thriller (Seed&Spark Fellow)

Andrea Higgins, Walpole, MA. QUINTESSENCE, Drama

Brian Holder, Tampa, FL. THE ANDROYS, Sci-Fi / Family (Champlain College Fellow)

Rebecca Ingram, Wilsons Creek, NSW, Australia. DOG BOX, Thriller

Nikhil Kamkolkar, North Brunswick, NJ. ASSASSIN JANE, Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Danielle Karagannis, North Hollywood, CA. INSOMNIA, Comedy

Joel Karlinsky, Newton, MA. THE MAGIC HOURGLASSES, Fantasy

Nicole Kempskie, Auburn, MA. HELEN ON 86TH ST., Dramedy ( Fellow)

Alicia Keyes, Albuquerque, NM. coHERcive, Drama

Steven Lowery, Cincinnati, OH. PICKLE, Drama

Jude Lutz, Pasadena, CA. PYTHON, TV Pilot, Thriller

Phyllis MacBryde, New York, NY. CREATING ZINZI, Dramedy

Selena Mars, Los Angeles, CA. JULIA BELGROVE, Drama (SAGIndie Fellow)

Kahlil Maskati, Edison, NJ. AMIR WAS HERE, Comedy

M.S. McFarland, Los Angeles, CA. SPLENDID LITTLE WAR, Drama

Lisa Meserole, Norwalk, CT. THE JAZZ BIRD, Animated

Rebecca Mlinek, Upperco, MD. OUR AMERICAN, TV Pilot, Drama

Justin Neal, North Hollywood, CA. THE SKINS GAME Dramedy

Katie Orr, Atlanta, GA. THE OWL, Thriller

Katharine Parsons, Queensville, Ontario, Canada. A BEAUTIFUL FISH, Family

Jackie Perez, Los Angeles, CA. CIVILIZED, Horror

Joshua Rebell, New York, NY. BLACK MARKET, Drama

Tisha Robinson-Daly, Philadelphia. HIGH, Drama (SAGIndie Honorable Mention)

Elise Salomon, Glendale, CA. INSIDE, Horror

A.M. Sanchez, Austin, TX. DAUGHTERS LOST TO THE DESERT, Thriller

Nan Schmid, New York, NY. OPEN SEASON, Drama

Alex Simon, Los Angeles, CA. BARON OF HAVANA, Drama

Vicki Speegle, South Orange, NJ. LOVED ONES, Drama (ISA Honorable Mention)

Elizabeth Stuelke, Severna Park, MD. THE BID, Drama

Betty Sullivan, Frederick, MD. SAVING ESPERANZA, Drama

David Sullivan, Ashland, OR. DEVIL RIVER, Drama (ISA Fellow)

Johanna Wald, Dedham, MA. ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT, Drama

Shannon Walsh, Vancouver, BC, Canada. UNIDENTIFIED MINOR, Drama

Teresa Warner, Los Angeles, CA. HOW JANE AUSTEN RUINED MY LIFE, Dramedy

Jen West, Atlanta, GA. ELECTRIC BLEAU, Thriller

Debi Yazbeck, Frisco, TX. DEAD MOTION, Drama

Clifford Daniel Yost, Albuquerque, NM. MALCOLM X & JKF, Drama (PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow)

Faye Yuan, New York, NY. OTTO AND I, Drama

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