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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Killer 2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard Design by Alum Jen West

David Rocchio

Alum filmmaker, screenwriter and graphic designer Jen West designed our 2018 postcard with a little help from her 2017 Lab compadres. Here is Jen's design and description of her process. It's always interesting to hear how art happens. Thank you Jen!

2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard, design by  Jen West

2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard, design by Jen West

How It Came To Be:

When David Rocchio asked if I might be interested in creating some art for the 2018 Stowe Story Labs, I jumped at the opportunity. My experience in the 2017 lab was an incredible one, so this was a great chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way. I had several concepts working when it occurred to me that the real art was already out there, written by all of you. I reached out to a handful of 2017 Stowe Story Lab participants and asked for a line that really stood out to them from their own scripts as a stand-alone, and requested that it be sent over in their own handwriting. Pieced together, they create a unique fingerprint of the energy from last year's lab. It's a challenge to fully express the Stowe Story Labs experience to someone unfamiliar, and I think this art captures a special essence of what happens there.
Many thanks to Story Lab Alums April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner for their writing and participation. 

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When Jen West isn't traveling the country in her converted school bus, she is deeply immersed in creating films based on bold female characters, oftentimes from the Deep South. She is known for writing and directing short indie films like Piece of Cake, Crush, Bubble, Little Cabbage, and the St. Paul and the Broken Bones' music video Call Me. West also produced The New Orleans Sazerac and Bottomless, which were official selections of the 2016 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in the American Pavilion as part of the Cannes Film Festival. She is the first filmmaker to have two projects accepted in the same year to the program. West was a Stowe Story Labs 2017 fellow with her feature screenplay Electric Bleau, of which was also named a Finalist for the 2018 Park City Table Read competition.