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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Stowe Story Labs Announces Full Roster for 2018 Stowe Story Lab

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased to announce the full roster for its 2018 Fall Lab, to be held at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont, September 8 - September 11, 2018.

Congratulations writers, filmmakers, and creative producers participating in this year's lab.

Thank you mentors for donating your time, skill, knowledge and ideas.


Peter Andrews, Mahopac, NY. Feature Film, FRAGILE

Jodi Asadourian, Nashville, TN. Feature Film, CUT THE CORD

Julie Berkobien, South Pasadena, CA. 1 hour TV Pilot, BLYTHE PARK

Michael Berlind (2018 Final Draft Fellow), Brooklyn, NY. 1 hour TV Pilot, COASTAL SHELF

Marya Cohn (2018 Tangerine Fellow), New York, NY. Feature Film, SUNNY DAY FLOODING

Andi Delott (2018 PAGE Fellow), Pacific Palisades, CA. Feature Film, FAITH

Brittany DeVries, Panama City, Panama. Feature Film, PENDING FILE

Neal Dhand, Zizkov, Czech Republic. Feature Film, ZIPPERS

Joel Fishman, Kennett Square, PA. Feature Film, GOOD CITIZEN

Freeman Fletcher (2018 Champlain College Fellow), South Berwick, ME. Feature Film,  STUNTED

Rachel Gerlach, South River, NJ. Feature Film, DAISY CHAIN

TeeJay Hannon (2018 Champlain College Fellow), Mahwah, NJ. Feature Film, BEYOND

Jamie Hoang, Los Angeles, CA. Feature Film, BETTER THAN THIS

Kristin Holodak, Milwaukee, WI. Feature Film, ENID'S WALL

Alastair Huntley (2018 Vermonter Fellow), Norwich, VT. Feature Film, HALF SHELL

Diane Lansing (2018 ISA Fellow), Santa Monica, CA. Feature Film, WONDER AND LIGHTNING

Jennifer Latham (2018 Vermonter Honorable Mention), Brattleboro, VT. Feature Film, THE HOMEMAKER

Tricia Lee, Valley Village, CA. Feature Film, SPOKEN

Maren Leggett, Bethesda, MD. Feature Film, SHRINKWRAPPED

Christian Lybrook, Boise, ID. Feature Film, CITY OF TREES

Leanne Mangan, Newtown, NSW, Australia. 1 hr TV Pilot, REMADE

Ben Maraniss, Brooklyn, NY. 1 hr TV Pilot, WEIMAR

Gerardo Maravilla, Los Angeles, CA. Feature Film, CROSS

E.Napoletano, Chicago, IL. 1 hr TV Pilot, ATLANTA BURNS

Ashleigh Nichols, North Hollywood, CA. Feature Film, STICKS AND STONES

Angel Nunez (2018 Honorable Mention), Randolph, MA. Feature Film, AMERIQUENO

Ray O’Conor, Wilton, NY. Feature Film, SHE CALLED HIM RAYMOND

Portia Pennington, Bowling Green, KY. Feature Film, WRITTEN BY ELODIA JANE WILDER

Jerry Perez, Providence, RI. Feature Film, THE POCKETKNIFE

Jim Picariello, Brooksville, ME. Feature Film, THE CULT OF US

Katterina Powers, Scottsdale, AZ. Feature Film, A BETTER PLACE

Fred Reed, Oakland, CA. Feature Film, EMMA LOU'S BLUES

Anna Remus, Dorchester, MA. Feature Film, WHITE PARTY

Lea Robinson (2018 Seed&Spark Fellow), Richmond, CA. Feature Film, DARK SKY

Matthew Rosansky, Philadelphia, PA. 1 hr TV Pilot, THE RIVER

Esra Saydam (2018 SAGindie Fellow), Brooklyn, NY. Feature Film, THE MESOPOTAMIAN

Matthew Schildkamp (2018 UVM Fellow), Middlebury, VT. Feature Film, AERO LUNA

Janet Stilson, New York, NY. Feature Film, JAGUAR TRAIL

Roma Sur, Highlands Ranch, CO. Feature Film, THE ROCK WITHIN

Amy Tasillo, Washington, DC. Feature Film, PLAYHOUSE

Jake Taylor (2018 PAGE Fellow), Mesa, AZ. 1hr TV Pilot, WICCA PUNK

Terri Codori Viani, Pomfret, CT. Feature Film, DIRTY WATER DOGS

Heidi Weitzer, Los Angeles, CA. Feature Film, THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS

Wade Wofford (2018 Fellow), Northampton, MA. Feature Film, URBAN ED

Tatiana R. Zaharchenko, Kharkiv, Ukraine. Feature Film, TO TELL THE TRUTH

Sarah Zeiser, (2018 Honorable Mention), Somerville, MA. 1 hr TV Pilot, AQUITAINE


Eszter Angyalosy, Hungary. Development Editor at HBO Europe/Writer

Emily Best, California. CEO of Seed & Spark/Writer/Director/Producer

Alex Boden, London. Creative Producer 

Scott Collette, California. Screenwriter/Film Sales and Distribution

Darrien Michele Gipson, California. National Director of SAGindie/Creative Producer

Anne Hubbell, New York. Creative Producer

Paul Miller, Amsterdam. Creative Producer

Ellen Parks, New York. Casting Director/Faculty NYU Tisch Film School

David Pope, London. Writer/Director/Producer

David Rocchio, Vermont. Writer/Director/Producer

Thank you to our Fellowship Partners

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