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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Announcing Several Fellowship Winners for 7th Annual Fall Lab

David Rocchio

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Diverse Voices, Tangerine Entertainment, Final Draft, ISA, WIFV-DC, and Champlain College Fellowships.

It was an incredibly talented pool and we are grateful for all who applied.


2019 Diverse Voices Fellow

Erika Valenciana, Chicago, Illinois


Logline: Belen and Alicia are two teenage Mexican-American best friends with biting wit and an obsession with punk rock, who embark on a journey to Chicago so that Belén can get an abortion.

Diverse Voices Honorable Mention

La’Chris Jordan, Los Angeles, California

PINEY RIDGE — Historical TV

Logline: Following a heart-wrenching personal tragedy, a Black female sharecropper in 1930s Virginia sets out on a mission of personal revenge, all while fighting the exploitation of the town’s wealthy landowners and the violent harassment of the local sheriff and his posse of unlawful men.

tangerine header.png

2019 Tangerine Fellow

Sabina Vajraca, Los Angeles, California

FOR BURAZ — Drama Mystery Feature

Logline: A gritty drama/mystery set in the dark underbelly of Florida’s Bosnian immigrant community FOR BURAZ tells the story of Kenan, a successful Bosnian-American banker whose younger brother dies under suspicious circumstances. When the police refuse to investigate, Kenan takes it upon himself to uncover what actually happened.


2019 Final Draft Fellow

Lisa Cole, Los Angeles, California

QUEEN OF NEWBURGH (written by Lisa Cole and Veronica Moody) — Biographical Drama Feature

Logline: "Queen of Newburgh" is a narrative film based on the true story of Ronnie Moody, a bad-ass, vivacious 20-year old striving to live her best life in a tough Afro-Caribbean neighborhood in upstate New York

Final Draft Honorable Mention

Jonathan London, Sherman Oaks, California

TRUE NORTH — Drama Feature

Logline: After the death of his wife, Leo decides to re-home his wife’s beloved dog Crash. As Leo drives cross country to deliver Crash to his in-laws, Leo discovers that moving on may be harder than moving along.


2019 ISA Fellow

Valerie Bischoff, Los Angeles, California

TRUE PATRIOTS — Drama Thriller Feature

Logline: After her brother loses his leg in a negligent workplace accident, a determined woman is recruited into a mysterious group of outsiders. As the group’s ruthless pursuit of perceived justice unfolds, escalating schemes threaten to tear the siblings apart.

ISA Honorable Mention

David Wappel, Sherman Oaks, California

THE LAST FARM — Drama Feature

Logline: In a secluded mountain glen sometime in the near future, a solitary farmer is drawn into the war she's always avoided when she reluctantly shelters two kids being hunted by a cunning military commander.


2019 WIFV-DC Fellow

Wendy Anderson, Silver Spring, Maryland

STORYTIME — Fantasy/Drama TV Limited Series

Logline: An elderly fairytale scholar has a stroke and enters a liminal state in a forest. There she finds the Tree of Life, where Storytellers inspire Story on Earth.  She must awaken a story in her daughter Dymphna, a prominent Shakespeare editor with stability issues, to earn her place.

champlain college logo shield_color.jpg

2019 Champlain College Fellow

Blake Donovan, Guilford, Connecticut

THE SUPERPOWER CLUB — Coming of Age Drama Feature

Logline: Silently reeling from a classmate’s mysterious death, a depressed high-schooler joins a school-based therapy group where he decides to put a positive spin on their struggles by identifying them as “Superpowers.”

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