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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


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David Rocchio

We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Seed&Spark in 2017.

Seed&Spark's #100DaysofDiversity initiative gives us all a chance to say what it means to be America and American. All our voices make a great cacophony of sound: different viewpoints, backgrounds, heritage, race, orientation, favorite ice-cream. It’s all good and it all needs to be told through story. That's why we've joined the effort. Between now and April 29th, Seed & Spark is focused on artists prioritizing inclusion in front of and behind the camera. Details here.

Our support for this effort will continue throughout the year, and will include a Seed & Spark Fellowship to this Fall’s Fifth Annual Stowe Story Labs. We'll have more to say more about that later this winter.

For now, we wanted you all to hear about this effort and ask you to join us by:

  • · Spreading the word about #100DaysOfDiversity on social media
  • · Subscribing to Seed&Spark to stream and support bold films and shows
  • · Crowdfunding your films on Seed&Spark
  • · Streaming your films on Seed&Spark

Added bonus from Seed&Spark: if you start your crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark before April 29 you become eligible for over $20k in perks, including a yearlong fellowship with the platform. Learn more about #100DaysOfDiversity perks here.

We admire the team at Seed&Spark for their vision, audacity, positivity, naïve optimism, tremendous talent and, yes, their diversity. It’s all so damn American. We are excited to be part of the team and hope you all will check out their plan.