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Top Five of 2017 by A.M. Sanchez

Top Five of 2017 by A.M. Sanchez

1) THE SHAPE OF WATER - Guillermo del Toro's wonderful creature feature storyline with an interspecies romance and an “underdogs vs. authority” theme, which makes for a captivating film. It was refreshing to have the two leading characters be so unconventional. Maybe this is what made their romance all the sweeter.

2) GET OUT - Jordan Peele’s horror comedy is an original and timely subversion of the expectations the horror genre in the way he mixes together race, class, and horror. Peele’s attention to detail and clues carefully placed throughout heightened the overall experience.

3) LADY BIRD – Gerwig’s hilarious, sweet and fresh take on a coming-of-age story makes me wish I had this movie in my life as a teenager. The invincibility of youth and the very real struggles our heroine faces are so sincere and heartfelt.

4) COCO - Pixar's vibrant animated film does such a great job of taking something sad – death and the afterlife – and turns it into what it is as well – beauty and vitality through love of family. This story about remembering loved ones who have crossed over will touch any heart, young or old.

5) MUDBOUND – Somehow love is able to rise above all the racial hate in this interracial story set in the post war American south. The film does a great job of exploring the intergenerational influences between two families and how these tensions impact tragically two soldiers returning home to find, though they have changed, their situations have not.

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A.M. Sánchez is an alum of the Labs and a writer/director living and working in Austin, TX. In 2017 she was a top-ten finalist in the prestigious Nicholls Fellowship competition. She is currently in pre-production on a horror short film that revolves around a pet cat.