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Announcing First Stowe Story Labs Spring Writers’ Retreat, May 15 – 19. 

Applications to the 2015 Writers’ Retreat are now closed. Thanks to all who applied! Stowe Story Labs was founded in 2013 to create a space for emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers to come together to work on their projects in a supportive, collaborative, and inspiring environment with the goal of getting good work made and seen. In large part because of feedback from Lab participants, and also because it is an important and fun thing to do, we are pleased to announce the addition of an inaugural 5-day Stowe Story Labs 2015 Writers’ Retreat, May 15-19, 2015.

The retreat is a rare opportunity for sixteen screenwriters with strong narrative feature scripts to come together and benefit from industry mentoring, peer networking and dedicated writing time in the beautiful setting of Stowe, Vermont. Over the five days, each writer will receive

  • Three personalized one-hour intensive script meetings, each meeting with a different industry mentor
  • Group workshops to hone skill and elevate craft
  • Shared meals and evening gatherings
  • Time to write, revise, and reflect

The Stowe Story Labs 2015 Writers’ Retreat will be centered at the Timberholm Inn and Auberge de Stowe, both tremendous partners to the Labs and both offering discounts on room rates (which include full breakfast). Making these inns part of the Lab experience is a bonus to us all.

The full fee for the Retreat is $1250, including lunch and dinner, meaning all three meals are included in one way or the other and we gain valuable time for peer and mentor relationship building. Applications are now closed. Thanks to all who applied!

General Background on Stowe Story Labs:

Stowe Story Labs brings screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers together with seasoned industry professionals to help get projects made and seen. Thanks to the participants and mentors for making the 2014 Labs such a wonderful experience and success! The 2015 Labs will take place September 12 – 15, 2015 at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont. The four-day intensive program will feature:

  • Specific focus on your project
  • Direct access to working industry professionals
  • Opportunities to build knowledge, skills and insights to navigate the film industry
  • A network of talented peers, vital in this collaborative art and business

See the outline of the agenda  here.

Applications for the 2015 Labs will open early in 2015. Please sign up for our newsletter to make sure you know when applications open! We offer four fellowships annually. For general information about Story Lab Fellowships read more here. Each Lab is limited in size and is designed for screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers with narrative projects in all stages of development.

Industry mentors include:

  • David Pope, facilitator and leading presenter, a London-based filmmaker, consultant and training provider
  • Amy Hobby, a leading New York-based Creative Producer
  • Jay Van Hoy, a leading New York-based Creative Producer
  • Anne Hubbell, an award winning New York-based Creative Producer
  • Elizabeth Kaiden, a renowned dramatist and development executive
  • David Magee, an award winning screenwriter
  • Chris Millis an award winning screenwriter and producer
  • Ellen Parks, a legendary New York-based casting director with tremendous experience and insight
  • Mark Piznarski, a prolific award-winning television director
  • Anne Rosellini, an award winning screenwriter and creative producer
  • Fred Seibert, a leader in the world of new approaches to film distribution and finance
Mentor Ellen Parks talks with 2014 Participants Jeffrey Field and Carrie Wachob

Mentor Ellen Parks talks with 2014 Participants Jeffrey Field and Carrie Wachob



2013 Stowe Story Lab Participants Julie Aitcheson and John O’Brien listen to Labber John DiGeorge talk about story.


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