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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.


Killer 2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard Design by Alum Jen West

David Rocchio

Alum filmmaker, screenwriter and graphic designer Jen West designed our 2018 postcard with a little help from her 2017 Lab compadres. Here is Jen's design and description of her process. It's always interesting to hear how art happens. Thank you Jen!

2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard, design by  Jen West

2018 Stowe Story Labs Postcard, design by Jen West

How It Came To Be:

When David Rocchio asked if I might be interested in creating some art for the 2018 Stowe Story Labs, I jumped at the opportunity. My experience in the 2017 lab was an incredible one, so this was a great chance to give back to the community in a meaningful way. I had several concepts working when it occurred to me that the real art was already out there, written by all of you. I reached out to a handful of 2017 Stowe Story Lab participants and asked for a line that really stood out to them from their own scripts as a stand-alone, and requested that it be sent over in their own handwriting. Pieced together, they create a unique fingerprint of the energy from last year's lab. It's a challenge to fully express the Stowe Story Labs experience to someone unfamiliar, and I think this art captures a special essence of what happens there.
Many thanks to Story Lab Alums April Sanchez, Elise Salomon, Nikhil Kamkolkar, Dina Fiasconaro, Benedict Campbell, Tisha Robinson-Daly, Melody Cooper and Teresa Warner for their writing and participation. 

jen west.jpg

When Jen West isn't traveling the country in her converted school bus, she is deeply immersed in creating films based on bold female characters, oftentimes from the Deep South. She is known for writing and directing short indie films like Piece of Cake, Crush, Bubble, Little Cabbage, and the St. Paul and the Broken Bones' music video Call Me. West also produced The New Orleans Sazerac and Bottomless, which were official selections of the 2016 Emerging Filmmaker Showcase in the American Pavilion as part of the Cannes Film Festival. She is the first filmmaker to have two projects accepted in the same year to the program. West was a Stowe Story Labs 2017 fellow with her feature screenplay Electric Bleau, of which was also named a Finalist for the 2018 Park City Table Read competition.

Announcing Roster for 5th Annual Stowe Story Labs, September 2017

David Rocchio

Excited, proud, pleased and honored to announce the 2017 Stowe Story Labs Roster. Congratulations to all.

Beyond those named below, thank you to all of the talented screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers who applied into a tough, tough pool. 

Sarah Brockmann, Scituate, MA. FREE INSIDE!, Family

Susan Brunig, Oakland, CA. HARD IS THE GOOD, Drama (PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow)

Mugs Cahill, Santa Monica, CA. JOOK, Thriller

Benedict Campbell, Bronx, NY. THE HIGH BRIDGE, Drama

Jill Campbell, Brooklyn, NY. AFTER TOMORROW, Dramedy

Shari Lynette Carpenter, New York, NY. HEAVY PETTING, Dramedy

Melody Cooper, Hastings, NY. THE SOUND OF DARKNESS, Thriller (Tangerine Entertainment Fellow)

Cassandra Crowley, Arlington, MA. FAMILY BUSINESS, Comedy / Family (Champlain College Fellow)

Maria Cruz Matteoli, Arcata, CA LADY OF THE CANYON, Drama

Cat Dale, Englewood, CO. MOUNT PLEASANT, TV Pilot, Drama

Jeremy Dehn, Littleton, CO. BEASTS UNDISCOVERED, Comedy

Muffie Dunn, Greenwich, CT. MERCEDES MAN, Drama

Dina Fiasconaro, Baltimore, MD. DAYS IN THE WAKE, Drama

Zoë Furlong, Burlington, VT / Seattle, WA. MILL CREEK, Drama (Helen Day Art Center Fellow)

Suzanne Griffin, Brooklyn, NY. BLOOD AND DREAMS, Drama

Reeyaz Habib, Los Angeles. CLEMENTINE, Thriller (Seed&Spark Fellow)

Andrea Higgins, Walpole, MA. QUINTESSENCE, Drama

Brian Holder, Tampa, FL. THE ANDROYS, Sci-Fi / Family (Champlain College Fellow)

Rebecca Ingram, Wilsons Creek, NSW, Australia. DOG BOX, Thriller

Nikhil Kamkolkar, North Brunswick, NJ. ASSASSIN JANE, Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Danielle Karagannis, North Hollywood, CA. INSOMNIA, Comedy

Joel Karlinsky, Newton, MA. THE MAGIC HOURGLASSES, Fantasy

Nicole Kempskie, Auburn, MA. HELEN ON 86TH ST., Dramedy ( Fellow)

Alicia Keyes, Albuquerque, NM. coHERcive, Drama

Steven Lowery, Cincinnati, OH. PICKLE, Drama

Jude Lutz, Pasadena, CA. PYTHON, TV Pilot, Thriller

Phyllis MacBryde, New York, NY. CREATING ZINZI, Dramedy

Selena Mars, Los Angeles, CA. JULIA BELGROVE, Drama (SAGIndie Fellow)

Kahlil Maskati, Edison, NJ. AMIR WAS HERE, Comedy

M.S. McFarland, Los Angeles, CA. SPLENDID LITTLE WAR, Drama

Lisa Meserole, Norwalk, CT. THE JAZZ BIRD, Animated

Rebecca Mlinek, Upperco, MD. OUR AMERICAN, TV Pilot, Drama

Justin Neal, North Hollywood, CA. THE SKINS GAME Dramedy

Katie Orr, Atlanta, GA. THE OWL, Thriller

Katharine Parsons, Queensville, Ontario, Canada. A BEAUTIFUL FISH, Family

Jackie Perez, Los Angeles, CA. CIVILIZED, Horror

Joshua Rebell, New York, NY. BLACK MARKET, Drama

Tisha Robinson-Daly, Philadelphia. HIGH, Drama (SAGIndie Honorable Mention)

Elise Salomon, Glendale, CA. INSIDE, Horror

A.M. Sanchez, Austin, TX. DAUGHTERS LOST TO THE DESERT, Thriller

Nan Schmid, New York, NY. OPEN SEASON, Drama

Alex Simon, Los Angeles, CA. BARON OF HAVANA, Drama

Vicki Speegle, South Orange, NJ. LOVED ONES, Drama (ISA Honorable Mention)

Elizabeth Stuelke, Severna Park, MD. THE BID, Drama

Betty Sullivan, Frederick, MD. SAVING ESPERANZA, Drama

David Sullivan, Ashland, OR. DEVIL RIVER, Drama (ISA Fellow)

Johanna Wald, Dedham, MA. ONE BRIEF SHINING MOMENT, Drama

Shannon Walsh, Vancouver, BC, Canada. UNIDENTIFIED MINOR, Drama

Teresa Warner, Los Angeles, CA. HOW JANE AUSTEN RUINED MY LIFE, Dramedy

Jen West, Atlanta, GA. ELECTRIC BLEAU, Thriller

Debi Yazbeck, Frisco, TX. DEAD MOTION, Drama

Clifford Daniel Yost, Albuquerque, NM. MALCOLM X & JKF, Drama (PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow)

Faye Yuan, New York, NY. OTTO AND I, Drama

Pleased to honor our fellowship partners:

Stowe Story Labs Announces Vermonter Fellow for 2017 Story Lab

David Rocchio

Zoë Furlong Named Vermonter Fellow to 5th Annual Story Lab

Zoë Furlong, Burlington, Vermont and Seattle, Washington (Drama, MILL CREEK) - A funeral brings a city girl back to the rural hometown she ran away from, but in facing her past, she realizes that the present isn't what it seems. Zoë is a young Vermont-based filmmaker who has worked in media non-profits, feature films, commercial video production, and has produced and directed her own short and mid-length films. Her work is often inspired by haunted landscapes, folklore, and the things we collectively sweep under the rug. Zoë plans to shoot MILL CREEK in Vermont.

Stowe Story Labs President David Rocchio said, "since we founded the Labs we have been dedicated to emerging talents grounded in Vermont attending the labs and are really pleased to continue that tradition."

This year Stowe Story Labs and the Helen Day Art Center are deepening their relationship by jointly promoting the Vermonter Fellowship. "The partnership with the Helen Day contributes mightily to the spirit of the Labs," said Rocchio. "We are so pleased to deepen our work together through enabling Vermonters - and stories based in Vermont to be developed through the labs," he said.

Helen Day Art Center Executive Director Rachel Moore had this to say about Zoë and the 2017 Fellowship: “In our five years partnering with Stowe Story Labs, we have seen the energy, talent and creativity of the world’s best emerging screenwriters and filmmakers come through our doors. We are extremely proud to now partner with the Labs to offer this fellowship to a filmmaker committed to the State of Vermont, and are very pleased to award the first Helen Day Stowe Story Labs Fellowship to Zoë Furlong for her script MILL CREEK."


Stowe Story Labs Pleased and Proud to Announce SAGindie Fellow to Fifth Annual Lab

David Rocchio

2017 SAGindie / Stowe Story Labs Fellow:

photo by Laurie Brandt Photography

photo by Laurie Brandt Photography

Selena Mars, Los Angeles (Drama, JULIA BELGROVE) - Based on truth of a tale of an unmarked grave, our story follows Julia, a former Vaudeville star and friend of Charlie Chaplin's. The film explores the mysterious circumstances of her disappearance and her frightening contest with reality.

Selena is an Actress, Filmmaker and Composer based in Los Angeles, CA. She has collaborated with over a dozen Grammy award winning artists and first began filmmaking by producing her own music videos. She currently has several film and TV projects in development. For more about Selena, please visit 

SAGindie National Director Darrien Michele Gipson said, "we are excited to partner with Stowe Story Labs to support these talented screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers and to  assist them as they advance their work. Selena Mars is a brilliant talent and JULIA BELGROVE in particular is a fantastic and timely tale. We are happy as well to honor Kai and Tisha and all the participants at this Fall's Lab," she said.

SAGIndie Honorable Mention, Kai Soremekun:

Kai Soremekun, Los Angeles (Dramedy Pilot, LUV SAVES THE DAY) - Lisa Luv is a hopeless romantic with an incurable case of lovesickness.  Devastated she can never fall in love, an odd sixth sense gets triggered in her and she decides to use this new gift to meddle winsomely in the lives of heart broken strangers. Kai Soremekun is a sensitive badass on a mission to be a force for good in the world through her projects. An award-winning filmmaker based in Los Angeles, Kai spends her days following her intuition, giving the finger to fear and creating stories.

SAGindie Honorable Mention, Tisha Robinson-Daly:

Tisha Robinson-Daly, Philadelphia (Drama, HIGH) - Haunted by an on the job tragedy, weary cell tower climber, Butch Robins, struggles to accept that the cost of living might be life itself. Tisha is a writer and director, who lives in a cozy, old house, filled with books, in a suburb outside of Philadelphia.  She is an avid reader, yogi and beet enthusiast, who uses her work as a platform to promote social change.


SAD Law Firm Horizonal Logo.jpg

Stowe Story Labs Announces Tangerine Entertainment and ISA Fellows to 5th Annual Lab

David Rocchio

Tangerine Entertainment Fellow:

Melody Cooper, Hastings, New York (Horror/Thriller, THE SOUND OF DARKNESS) - A blind musician and a deaf sculptor are haunted by a woman only they can see and hear, who leads them to save a missing girl. Writer/Director Melody Cooper was a recipient of the Meryl Streep Writers Lab and AMC Shudder Lab fellowships in 2016 and was selected for the 2017 NY Stage and Film workshop. She has signed a deal to direct a feature for Tandem Pictures, and is represented by Circle of Confusion.

In awarding the Fellowship Tangerine Entertainment’s Anne Hubbell said, “We responded to Melody's multidimensional characters and her bold use of genre writing to convey a political narrative.” Anne will be a mentor at this fall’s lab.

ISA Fellow:

David Sullivan, Ashland, Oregon (Drama, DEVIL RIVER) - When a submissive slave preacher is separated from his wife and child by a gambling professional, he chooses to team up with a mysterious black gambler and enter the cutthroat world of the Mississippi steamboats to learn how to win his family's freedom. David has had his work acknowledged by the PAGE Awards, the Austin Film Festival, and has been a finalist for the Warner Bros. Television Writers' Workshop.

The ISA had this to say about David’s script:

“This is an excellent script, and utilizes an original idea to explore slavery, persecution and the very human idea of family. It was formatted well, with interesting characters in extreme situations, and shows a tremendous amount of heart. This series has the potential on many levels to affect and educate the viewer, with the situations leaping off the page as Nat and the characters he encounters traverse between what is perceived to be right and wrong in order to survive and get his family back.”

ISA Fellowship Honorable Mention:


Vicki Speegle, South Orange, New Jersey (Drama, LOVED ONES) - A precocious 11-year old struggles to win the love of her alcoholic mother, but her quest is threatened when the sister she never knew existed returns home. Vicki’s screenplay LOVED ONES was a finalist for the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. She is currently in post on a documentary about her mother's struggle with faith in the wake of Alzheimer's.

The ISA had this to say about Vicki’s script:

“This script is written with love, it wears it’s heart on it’s sleeve from the first to the last page, the story of Allison continually doing her best to win her mother’s affection was touching and endearing, and she is a spectacular lead character. This exploration of childhood and imagination against the realities of having to make ends meet and the fall out of past mistakes made this a magical, but sad, relatable tale.” – Molly Kasch, ISA

Congratulations to Melody, David and Vicki.

tangerine header.png

Champlain College Fellows to Fall 2017 Lab Announced

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased and proud to announce the Champlain College Fellows to the Fifth Annual Stowe Story Lab.


Cassandra Crowley (Heist/Comedy, FAMILY BUSINESS) - An heiress must team up with a thief after a mafia boss sets out to destroy the heiress's family company.

Cassandra is a recent graduate of Champlain College, where she studied filmmaking. She has a love for writing and a strong interest in producing.

Brian Holder, Tampa, Florida (Sci-fi/Family Comedy, THE ANDROYS) - The young daughter of a TV writer/producer has to go through many trials to help save her robotic actor friend and his family from the clutches of an evil studio head.

Brian is a 21-year-old Filmmaking major at Champlain College. He loves the writing and directing aspects of film, and dreams to one day work in the industry in New Zealand.

"Stowe Story Labs is so pleased to partner with Champlain College’s Division of Communications and Creative Media to present two filmmaking students with fellowships to attend the Fall Lab," said David Rocchio, President and Founder of the Labs. "The energy, ideas and enthusiasm the Champlain students bring to the Labs adds tremendously to the program," he said.

“We are proud to present two students a year with fellowships to attend the Fall Lab," said Paula Willoquet-Maricondi, Dean of Communication and Creative Media at Champlain College. "Stowe Story Labs has been a tremendous asset to our Filmmaking program and we are thrilled that Cassandra and Brian are joining such a talented group of filmmakers in this transformative experience,” she said.

Seed&Spark and Fellows to 5th Annual Lab Announced

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased and proud to announce Reeyaz Habib is the inaugural Seed&Spark Fellow to the Fifth Annual Stowe Story Lab and Nicole Kempskie is the Fellow for 2017

Seed&Spark Fellow:

Picture Habib (1).JPG

Reeyaz Habib, Los Angeles (Dramatic Thriller, CLEMENTINE) - On the eve of the United States entering WW1, a black jazz musician finds his family murdered by a group of white American soldiers and must join the US Army in order to hunt down the killers in the trenches of Europe. 

Reeyaz is attending the School of Cinematic Arts at the University of Southern California and is currently in pre-production on his first feature length film.

Seed&Spark’s Gerry Maravilla had this to say about Reeyaz, his project and awarded this fellowship:

The concept, subject matter, writing, and themes of Reeyaz's work resonated strongly with the team at Seed&Spark. Reeyaz's story showcases a commitment to diversity and inclusion through a unique historical lens. After seeing Reeyaz pitch this project at USC Talent Week, the team's excitement only continued to grow when we reviewed his strong script and stellar application. We are pleased to put forward Reeyaz as the inaugural Seed&Spark/Stowe Story Labs Fellow. Fellow:

NK Headshot 8.17.jpg

Nicole Kempskie, Auburn, Massachusetts (Dramedy/Musical, HELEN ON 86th STREET) - A quirky New York City tween desperately tries to get the coveted role of “Helen of Troy” in her school musical, believing that it will bring her absent father back home. 

Nicole is a Massachusetts-based writer, actor and educator who has worked extensively throughout New England, New York, and California. Director Michele Meek had this to say about Nicole:

Nicole Kempskie is a talented New England writer with abundant theatrical experience. Her project Helen on 86th Street has great potential. I'm thrilled to be able to award her the Fellowship for the 2017 Stowe Story Labs to help her bring her project to the next stage.

Stowe Story Labs names PAGE Fellows to 5th Annual Lab

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs is pleased and proud to announce the Stowe Story Labs / PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellows to the Fifth Annual Stowe Story Lab.

Susan Brunig, Oakland, California (Drama, HARD IS THE GOOD) - It is 1926. The Jazz Age, the Harlem Renaissance and Prohibition are in full swing. When three young women enter a controversial summer school for factory workers, they must face their fears, their biases and their dreams head on. Susan Brunig lives in Oakland California and writes character-driven narratives about damaged souls and the people who love them.

Clifford Daniel Yost, Albuquerque, New Mexico (Coming of Age Drama, MALCOLM X & JFK) - Running from a hate crime, a white boy forces a black man on a road trip/journey that reveals the devastating choices neither can outrun - and the unexpected redemption an estranged father provides a son. Clifford Daniel Yost is a New Mexico red chile loving, ex-Peace Corps idealist-turned-advertising madman. Trading his tattered soul for a sailboat, Clifford sailed the Caribbean as he wrote a screenplay that won The Page Award Silver Prize for drama.  Ahoy!


SAGindie and Stowe Story Labs Partner to Offer Fellowship to Stowe Story Labs

shan palmer

SAGindie, an educational program dedicated to teaching independent filmmakers how to hire professional actors for their projects, and Stowe Story Labs, a non-profit organization that runs workshops and labs for top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers, today announce their partnership to offer a “SAGindie Fellowship” to the Stowe Story Labs.

The first SAGindie Fellowship will be awarded to an applicant to the 2017 Story Lab, to be held September 9 - 12, 2017, at the Helen Day Art Center in the village of Stowe, Vermont.

“SAGindie shares the vision of the Stowe Story Labs in helping emerging talents develop the skills and knowledge to gain a thriving career in the film industry. We are so excited to collaborate with the Labs on this new fellowship,” said SAGindie National Director Darrien Michele Gipson.

> Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming Fall Lab.

“The Fall Lab is a fantastic opportunity for emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers to learn about the industry from a project-centric approach,” said Stowe Story Labs President David Rocchio. “The insights, relationships and direct, actionable feedback participants receive is invaluable,” he said.

Top Industry mentors take participants through all the various elements of story, such as theme, character, structure and dialogue. Stowe Story Lab Mentors help participants gain insights, build relationships, and advance their work.

“I am particularly excited to partner with SAGindie,” said Rocchio. “They work hard to demystify the process of making wonderful films, which is a fundamental goal of the Labs as well. I look forward to working with the SAGindie team for years to come,” he said.

The SAGindie Fellowship covers fees to attend the labs as well as a stipend to support travel and lodging to beautiful Stowe, Vermont. The 2017 SAGindie Fellowship will be awarded to a talented creative producer or director of color. The value of the Fellowship exceeds $2,500.

Now in its Fifth Year, Stowe Story Labs is dedicated to helping emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get good work made and seen.

> Click here to apply to this Fall’s Lab.

Applications close July 16.

Nice Article in SCRIPT About our Labs

shan palmer

Stowe Story Labs’ David Pope tries to manage mentors Alex Boden (Cloud Atlas, Sense8), Molly O’Keefe (TFI), and Julie Keck (Seed&Spark).

Stowe Story Labs’ David Pope tries to manage mentors Alex Boden (Cloud Atlas, Sense8), Molly O’Keefe (TFI), and Julie Keck (Seed&Spark).

Remember The Shining? Writer Jack Torrance heads to an isolated resort to be the winter caretaker, hoping to cure his writer’s block. What could possibly go wrong? Just a few ghosts, a psychic son screaming, “REDRUM!” and an ax-wielding writer gone mad, trying to slash his wife. Not exactly the relaxing atmosphere to create a masterpiece.

Now take a deep breath and imagine the opposite of The Shining and you have Stowe Story Labs, set in picturesque Stowe, Vermont with its gorgeous fall colors and locally-made gin. Now, that is my kind of block buster.

I’ve always been curious about this particular Lab, so last fall, I popped up to Stowe to see if it’s something I’d be interested in attending one day – minus the ghosts and axes, of course. I was so impressed with the uniqueness of the five-day event, that I asked the Founder and President, David Rocchio, if I could share his retreat with our readers.

> Read the full article at

Helen Day Art Center and Stowe Story Labs Offer Vermonter Fellowship to Fall Stowe Story Labs

shan palmer

The Helen Day Art Center, a non-profit contemporary arts organization, and Stowe Story Labs, a non-profit which runs workshops, mentoring and retreats for emerging screenwriters, filmmakers, and creative producers, are pleased to partner on a “Vermonter Fellowship” to the 2017 Stowe Story Lab. The 5th Annual Fall Lab will be held September 9 - 12, 2017, at the Helen Day Art Center in the village of Stowe, Vermont.

“The Art Center has had the pleasure of working with Stowe Story Labs for the past five years, and I am excited to deepen the relationship with this fellowship,” said Helen Day Art Center Executive Director Rachel Moore. “Emerging talents and top film professionals come to the labs from around the world each year. Making sure a Vermonter has the chance to be a part of the process is important to our mission,” she said.

Applications are now being accepted for the upcoming Fall Lab. 

“The Fall Lab is a fantastic opportunity for participants to learn about the industry from a project-centric approach,” said Stowe Story Labs President David Rocchio. "The insights, relationships with top talents from around the world and the direct, actionable feedback participants receive is invaluable,” he said. Top Industry mentors take participants through all the various elements of story, such as theme, character, structure and dialogue. They also cover and conduct exercises on how to talk about story within the industry; how to package a project; the art of collaboration required to make a film; and the elements of production, sale and distribution.

The Vermonter Fellowship covers fees to attend the labs and most meals, as well as other benefits. Lodging in Stowe is provided through our lodging partners, who offer steep discounts. The value of the Fellowship is approximately $2,000. Read more about the Vermonter and other fellowships here.

Now in its Fifth Year, you can read testimonials about the program here. Lincoln Hayes, our 2016 Vermont Fellow, had this to say about the experience:

Being part of the Labs is a highlight of my time living in Vermont. To be around so many talented writers and creators was exhilarating! The mentors were insightful, inspiring, and wonderfully down-to-earth. I couldn't believe I was in the same room with such industry rockstars! All the participants’ work was incredible as well; I loved listening to their pitches. Seeing everyone light up as they spoke about their work was inspiring. I've maintained relationships from the Labs, and am actually working on two of their projects this year as an actor! I would attend the Labs again in a heartbeat. Do not miss your chance!

Stowe Story Labs and Seed&Spark Announce Partnership to Sponsor Filmmaker for Fifth Annual September Story Lab

David Rocchio

Stowe Story Labs, a Vermont-based non-profit which runs Labs and Retreats for top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers, announce a partnership with Seed&Spark - the only entertainment platform that not only supports filmmaking careers with education, fundraising tools, and data, but also actively increases diversity and inclusion in front of and behind the camera. Together they will sponsor a fellowship to the 5th Annual Stowe Story Labs, to be held September 9 – 12, 2017 at the Helen Day Art Center in Stowe, Vermont.

Read More

Lab Application Process Open

David Rocchio

Applications Being Accepted for September Story Lab

Stowe Story Labs, in its fifth year running Labs and Retreats for emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers, is now accepting applications for the September Lab - September 9-12, 2017, to be held at the Helen Day Art Center in the village of Stowe, Vermont. Admissions are made on a rolling basis starting June 1.

ssl red box.jpeg

Working with top industry professionals, lab participants gain insights, build relationships, and advance their work. You can apply to the Fall Lab here.

Starting this fall, the September Lab is the entry point for a year of ongoing mentoring and programs to help prepare your project to be made into a film or show. Competitive Fellowships are available. All fellows are granted a fee waiver and receive a free copy of Final Draft 10.

Here is a testimonial written by Final Draft Ambassador, Filmmaker Jonathan London to the team at Stowe Story Labs:

“Now that I am back in Los Angeles I wanted to write to express how profoundly valuable the past few days have been to me as a storyteller. Thank you for everything you have done. The program not only helped my next draft but my outlook, approach and work ethic moving forward. I welcome the chance to work with you again.”

Jonathan London, Stowe Story Labs / PAGE International Screenwriting Awards Fellow, Sept. 2016 (returning May ’17 to Stowe Story Labs’ Writers’ retreat)

Click here to apply to the Labs. We wish you the best of luck in that process.


David Rocchio


STOWE, VT – Stowe Cinema, located on the Mountain Road in Stowe, will be the venue for a one-time screening of The UK’s Channel 4 documentary, THE GUN SHOP, on Tuesday, April 4 at 8:30 PM. The screening is a benefit for the non-profit Stowe Story Labs and Helen Day Art Center.

Co-produced by Stowe resident, David Rocchio, THE GUN SHOP is a documentary about guns in America from the perspective of one gun shop and the community around it. The show was filmed in Battle Creek, Michigan. The documentary received 4- and 5-star reviews throughout the UK when broadcast November, 2016.

A donation of $35 or more will provide admission to the reception, screening and Q&A to follow. To buy tickets click here. There will be a reception at 7:30 PM. The screening is slated for 8:30 PM with a Q&A immediately after with co-producer David Rocchio and Director John Douglas

“I am so pleased our sales agent gave us the right to screen the film in Stowe,” said co-producer David Rocchio. “My purpose in making this doc was to create a window into a gun shop, the people who pass through it and the issue of guns in America. My idea was simple: I love going to Parro’s in Waterbury and also believe in strict gun control. I cannot stand how we allow different opinions on things like guns to be used to divide us so deeply,” he said. “We need to restart dialogue in America and a conversation starts with listening,” he said.

Helen Day Director Rachel Moore said, “This is a wonderful opportunity to further our partnership with Stowe Story Labs and collaboratively support the production of relevant issues through film and through the arts – a core part of our mission.


Stowe Story Labs is a Stowe-based non-profit dedicated to bringing the world’s top emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers to Stowe for workshops, labs and ongoing mentoring to get work made and seen.

Helen Day Art Center is a non-profit contemporary arts organization that offers cutting edge thematic exhibitions and an extensive adult and youth education program.


John Douglas - Director

Director: John Douglas is an award-winning series director and producer for BBC and Channel 4. His credits include the fixed rig series 24 Hours in A&E, Life and Death Row, Our War, Dog Borstal and Olympic Dreams.


Australian Directors' Guild Awards Rebecca Ingram Fellowship to Attend Stowe Story Labs '17

David Rocchio

Very pleased to share the news Australian Screenwriter Rebecca Ingram has been awarded an ADG Metro Screen Fellowship to attend the 2017 Stowe Story Labs.

You can read more about the fellowship here.

Rebecca will work on her feature script DOG BOX, a chilling thriller about four young girls from very different backgrounds thrown together in an under-resourced, inner-city juvenile justice detention centre. When they are all implicated in the murder of a young girl, secrets and incidents collide in chilling ways - and survival is no longer assumed.


David Rocchio

We are pleased to deepen our partnership with Seed&Spark in 2017.

Seed&Spark's #100DaysofDiversity initiative gives us all a chance to say what it means to be America and American. All our voices make a great cacophony of sound: different viewpoints, backgrounds, heritage, race, orientation, favorite ice-cream. It’s all good and it all needs to be told through story. That's why we've joined the effort. Between now and April 29th, Seed & Spark is focused on artists prioritizing inclusion in front of and behind the camera. Details here.

Our support for this effort will continue throughout the year, and will include a Seed & Spark Fellowship to this Fall’s Fifth Annual Stowe Story Labs. We'll have more to say more about that later this winter.

For now, we wanted you all to hear about this effort and ask you to join us by:

  • · Spreading the word about #100DaysOfDiversity on social media
  • · Subscribing to Seed&Spark to stream and support bold films and shows
  • · Crowdfunding your films on Seed&Spark
  • · Streaming your films on Seed&Spark

Added bonus from Seed&Spark: if you start your crowdfunding campaign on Seed&Spark before April 29 you become eligible for over $20k in perks, including a yearlong fellowship with the platform. Learn more about #100DaysOfDiversity perks here.

We admire the team at Seed&Spark for their vision, audacity, positivity, naïve optimism, tremendous talent and, yes, their diversity. It’s all so damn American. We are excited to be part of the team and hope you all will check out their plan.

Shoshana Rosenbaum's Stowe Story Labs experience...

shan palmer

For those wondering if the Stowe Story Lab experience is for you, Shoshana Rosenbaum shares an excellent first person view of what it's like to attend. We are so happy to be part of another positive creative journey... Thanks Shoshana!

It was scary. It was a leap. (My words were: atmospheric; engaging; heartfelt. I hesitated on that last one because I was worried it was cheesy, but I said it anyway.) And here’s the thing: everyone saying their words transformed the room. We’d taken a risk, collectively, and we were a tiny bit closer because of it. We were in this together.

"When I first heard about Stowe Story Labs, I liked what I saw on the website: a community of screenwriters and filmmakers learning together in a beautiful place. Initially, I was put off by the cost ($1,250 for the fall lab, although about a quarter of all attendees are awarded fellowships through organizations like PAGE, ISA, and Tangerine Entertainment.) Last year, I started hearing more about Stowe from the women in my screenwriting group (the Story Broads), so I gave it another look. I submitted a feature screenplay and was selected for the 2016 Fall Narrative Lab.

The project I brought to the Lab was one I’d pitched in the finals of the Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition and developed briefly with a production company, but now it felt stalled. Would four days in Stowe help?"

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Shoshana Rosenbaum is a writer/director and educator based in Washington, D.C. Her award-winning short film THE GOBLIN BABY has screened at festivals around the U.S. and internationally. She was an invited filmmaker at Stranger With My Face International Film Festival’s inaugural 2015 Attic Lab with her supernatural thriller script THE GOBLIN CHILD. Her Goonies-for-girls script THE CREEPY HOUSE was a selected project at the 2016 Stowe Story Labs. Her screenplays have been finalists in the Austin Film Festival Pitch Competition, Nashville Film Festival, Hollyshorts Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, and Asian Pacific American Film Festival. Follow Shoshana on her website, Facebook and Twitter: @shoshanarosenba

VermontPBS Supports Stowe Story Labs' DocDay

David Rocchio

A new collaboration between VermontPBS and Stowe Story Labs is aimed to encourage Vermont filmmakers to attend DocDay and will allow a young documentarian to attend Stowe Story Labs' DocDay for free. 

Stowe Story Labs is a nonprofit collaborative bringing emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers together with top industry professionals to get good work made and seen.

"Although the Labs draw participants and mentors from around the world, a core element of our vision is to be a resource for Vermont-based emerging talents seeking access to the international, independent film industry," said David Rocchio, founder and president of the Labs. "I love the idea of collaborating with VermontPBS because their vision is to support and broadcast the work of local and regional talents while  plugged into the larger industry," he said. "I see VermontPBS as a critical bridge between where we live and work and the audiences we can find worldwide for our efforts," he said.

TFI's Jose Rodriguez talks story

TFI's Jose Rodriguez talks story

Stowe Story Labs first DocDay is a one day exploration of documentary filmmaking and financing and is a collaboration between Stowe Story Labs and the Tribeca Film Institute. Mentors from TFI and independent producers and documentarians from New York and London will take participants through all of the steps of building a documentary, including how to get it financed. It follows the fourth annual Stowe Story Lab, which runs from Sept. 10 - 13. 

The fee to attend the full day of DocDay is $295 and attendance is capped at forty participants. As part of its collaboration with VermontPBS, Stowe Story Labs is offering a 50% discount to Vermonters to attend the program. Participants must register in advance and the final day for Vermonters to register is Friday September 10. To register to attend click here and use code VTDocDay.

"We are excited to partner with Stowe Story Labs as part of our Made Here initiative to share local content with viewers," said VermontPBS CEO Holly Groschner. "We identify with the Lab’s vision to bring the dynamic international, independent film community to Vermont and to create opportunities for Vermont's talented film community to participate in this broader film community," she said. "I look forward to this collaboration  to help the world discover Vermont filmmakers," she said.

To learn more about DocDay click here. 

To register to attend click here and use code VTDocDay.