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Stowe Story Labs exists to help emerging screenwriters, filmmakers and creative producers get work made and seen.

Fiscal Agency

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Fiscal Agency for Selected Projects

Stowe Story Labs is proud to support selected participant projects for fiscal agency.

The mission of SSL Fiscal Agency is to help program alumni develop and advance their art and career in this complex industry. Stowe Story Labs alumni can initiate an application for fiscal agency by sending an email to

Highlight: Fiscal Agency Project SISTER/BROTHER:


Brian Padian is an alum of the labs, where he workshopped his concept for SISTER/BROTHER. Brian is a Portland, Oregon, based filmmaker and screenwriter. SISTER/BROTHER is a dramatic comedy about Nora Miles, a strong woman at a weak point in her life: recently-divorced, debt-burdened, and desperate to rise from the ashes of her mistakes. A road trip reunites Nora with her younger brother Scotty and brings them both to different places of growth and renewal. The ticking pulse of the film is Nora and her rebirth and transformation. Brian’s Seed&Spark crowdfunding campaign is here.